Chapter Eight(Meeting my mate)

Mira's Pov:

We both snapped our heads to the door where the sound was coming from, she instantly stood up and composed herself, from the look of things she kind of looked scared does it mean she might know who was at the door.

"What is it, do you have any idea who might be the person at the door?" I asked her, she nodded her head positively at me.

"I am sure that the person is the head maid," she said looking scared. Why is she always scared of small things?  

"But what is she doing here?" I asked her ignoring the sound coming from the locked door, she glanced at me before answering me.

" Maybe she was here to know why you haven't come down for breakfast and what I was doing in your room for this long without bringing you down for morning food," she mumbled looking down. I brushed her shoulder to calm her nerves before walking to the door, I unlocked the door, and the supposed head maid tries to slap the person that opens the door but her hand hung in the air when she saw that it was me that opened the door, she stared at me with a shocked expression, she thought that it was Angel that will open the door, only God knows how she was treated in this pack for this lady to display this kind of attitude.

"I am not hungry," I said to her, ``I don't know what it is but I don't like this head maid. 

"But Luna requested your presence at the dining table," she said to me.

"Go tell her that I am not hungry and that I am just tired from the long journey that I had yesterday," I said to her when opening the door to enter but she stopped me.

"Please, ma, where is Angel, I need her to help me with something," she said, causing me to hurl daggers her way, she bends her head immediately and starts fiddling with her maid uniform. I know she wants to punish Angel for reasons best known to her and I am not allowing that to happen, they might be treating her anyhow before but now that I am here, I won't allow such behavior or evil acts to continue again.

"From the look of everything, Angel is my maid so you have no reason to send her on an errand or for anybody to send her anywhere without my consent," I lashed out at her making her flinch back in fear, I hate people that intimidate or look down on people for no reason. I closed the door behind me and found my room neatly arranged. Angel cleaned up my room when I was busy talking to the head maid. She has even placed a cloth on top of my bed for me to wear once I finished bathing. I gave her a small smile immediately when she came out of the bathroom, she smiled back at me. I went inside the bathroom where I stripped my nighty and put it inside the laundry basket before entering the bathtub, Angel has already mixed my water for me, I gently scrub my skin and allow the water to relax me before wiping the water from my body with my towel and enters inside my room, I applied my lotion on my body, and put on my undies before wearing the cloth that Angel has brought out for me, a white crop top and a black rugged trouser and white canvas. I tied my hair into a messy ponytail and applied lip gloss to my lips. I wanted to go out and look for my mate, that's why I wanted to look my best, I never dress to impress someone before but I don't want my mate to feel disappointed with me and I don't know how many girls he has had but all I want is to look all better than his other side chics. 

I sat with Angel on my bed, I strongly wanted to share my happiness of meeting my mate with her but I decided against that because they all see me as their future luna and also I  don't know how they will behave if they find out about me being mated to another pack member when I am arranged to marry their future Alpha. I smiled at her when she gave me a questioning look and I decided to ask her about my so-called husband of mine to stop her from giving those questioning looks.

"What do you think about Nicholas?" I asked her but she froze for some seconds before clearing her throat.

" He is incredibly handsome," she said to me.

"I asked about his personality, not his physical appearance," I playfully rolled my eyes at her. She smiled before shaking her head at me for my childish behavior.

"Is something you need to find out for yourself, I don't want your first impression you will have on your husband to be as a result of what I said," she said calmly to me. I nodded my head at her, she is right about that. I excused myself and went in search of my mate, though she insist on following me to show me around and for me not to get lost since I don't know any place and not everybody know about me being the future luna in their pack to avoid disrespect from some of their pack members that think that they are better than some other people. Both of us continued walking around till I pick up my mate's scent, those wonderful smell, I stubbornly excused myself and went in search of my mate with the help of heaven who kept directing my footsteps with happiness, both of us was happy seeing our mate again, I dust off invisible dust from my cloth and look at my appearance at the side mirror in the passage before continuing my walk.

I stopped in my tracks and stared at the back of a guy who was leaning at the door and pressing his phone. I know he was my mate, the one meant for me, heaven is shouting mate when flipping her tails. I tried to compose myself but the huge guy stopped pressing his phone and stiffened for a moment before turning quickly and our eyes connected.

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