Chapter Eleven(The hurtful words)

Mira's pov:

The door flew open as the person that I drain meeting stepped inside with a mischievous smile, with heavy eyes I stared at him. He walked towards me with a huge guy behind him who kept giving me a pitiful look. The guy is huge but you can't compare him to my mate, the guy that I don't even know his name, I painfully look at him to know the reason why he was here since he despised me very well.

"What a wonderful scene," he said with a smirk. I just kept staring at him since I have no strength to stand up or speak, my whole body ached.

"Do you enjoy the food?" He asked, making me confused, I glanced at him as he had indeed gone crazy. He laughed at me as he saw my confused state.

"What a naive you were, so you have no idea what I was talking about? moron," he spit horribly to me. I glared at him as he stood up and started pacing around my room nodding his head in a disapproving manner. I tried standing up but stumbled but before I could reach the ground, I found myself ha
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