Chapter Thirteen(My mate turns out to be my arranged husband)

Mira's Pov:

I was still in my little world with my wolf before she stiffened, which gave me concern.

"Hey… Heaven," I called her.

"Yes…" she responds with heavy breathing.

"What's the issue?" I asked, confused.

"He is here," she said almost to herself.

"Who is here…." I asked with a throbbing heart.

"I can feel him," she gently whispered.

"Who…..I didn't get to finish as my hair stood up surprising me, my heart kept throbbing as the door was pulled open revealing the last person that I ever want to see now.

My eyes almost popped out as I stared at my mate walking through the door with the guards bowing to him as he walked, he froze as he stopped. He glances around the room before our eyes connect, I nervously and surprisingly gaze at him. He looked surprised and gave me " What the hell are you doing here?" Look, he slowly strolls to his mother's side and pulls a chair out before sitting down with the huge guy behind him sitting down too. The huge guy smiled at me before sitt
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