Chapter Twenty (The wedding)

Mira's Pov:

I gave Angel a small smile before walking out of the room, the omegas grinned at me as they mumbled congratulations. I nod my head with a smile as Angel guides me out of their presence, my throat tastes bitter, and I feel nausea. I felt uncomfortable and nervous about this whole thing.

Walking down the stairs, I almost stumble, holding the rails to avoid falling with my wedding gown, I surprisingly stare at a feminine figure running her fingers on Nicholas. Helping him arrange his tie and dust off invisible dust from his cloth, I fume with anger as I tried growling at her.

"Any problem, Miss," Angel asked with concern. I ignored her as I kept glaring daggers at those hands on my mate. Nicholas stiffened as our eyes connected, he fixed his eyes on me as he narrowed them in anger, he kept giving me what the hell looked like, he kept giving me a sign to compose myself and walk away but I am not having it this time around. He can do anything but I can't withstand someone run
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I just wish she could stand up for herself

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