Chapter twenty-two (What the fuck!!.......)

Third Person's Pov:

It has been three days after the wedding and Mira has locked herself in her room, she refused to see anybody or to even have her food. She looks skinny and pale, she has lost a lot of weight within a few days. All she does is wake up, cry, think about her life, and cry herself back to sleep. She has also forgotten to take her bath, her whole body stinks but she cares nothing about that which is unlike her who was a neat freak.

After the wedding when her parents wanted to travel back since they won't be staying here though they stayed for a day just to see her she refused to see or have anything to do with them again. It still baffles her how her parents are ignorant and paid deaf ears to her cries and misery, they care less about her, especially her happiness. All of her time growing up, she always does what will make them happy. She never cares about hers, she always puts them first and she always forgets about herself. They were her priority; she took it upon h
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