Chapter twenty-seven( The Gamma)

Third person's pov:

It was almost dawn and the atmosphere was cloudy as everywhere seemed mild, the omegas were seen running around the place serving food and drinks. Sitting at the dining table were Alpha Den, his family, Virginia, Nicholas, Derrick, and some other pack rank members. The aroma of the food was so intoxicating that no one dared to utter a word, the whole place was so calm that you could hear a pin drop. Derrick won't deny that the food smells appetizing but part of him cries out for his mate.

"Welcome, Derry baby…." Nengi broke the once quiet room as she welcomed Derrick with a sultry tone. Derrick smiled at her with a small nod as he uses the corner of his eyes to see if anyone noticed what just transpired right now but no one budged as all their attention was focused on their food.

"Thanks….." He replied to Nengi as he focused his attention back on his plate. The whole place went silent once again as all concentrated back on their plate.

It didn't take long before t
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