Chapter thirty-two( The beast within)

The person's pov:

Coming out of the bathroom, Mira took a peek at Angel holding nylon but she ignored her and continued with what she was doing.

"Mira, Luna requested that you put on this necklace when dressing up," Angel said.

"How? I mean why should I put on this expensive jewelry just to stay in my room?" Mira asked, confused.

"She means when you are dressing for the party," Angel muttered.

"Haha….. You should know that I am not a party type and besides who told her that I am going to party," Mira stared at Angel as if she had lost it.

"Nobody is saying that you are a party type, just…… Mira didn't allow her to finish as she jumps in '' Then what? Because I am yet to understand anything that you are saying……"

"Can you calm down and allow me to finish," Angel pleads.

"Ok, whatever, go ahead……" murmured Mira.

"Fine, she means tonight's party….." Angel mumbled cheerfully.

"Tonight's party!!……. What do you mean? Is there a party tonight that I didn't know about," Mira surpri
Cynthia Chris

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Tiffanie Smith
Right. In one chapter it is mentioned that she was the best warrior of her pack yet she acts like she’s had no training. Nengi is beneath her in rank yet she lets her walk all over her.
goodnovel comment avatar
She has Alpha blood but can not stand up for herself still waiting or hoping she fights back at some point or go somewhere to train so that she gets stronger ...

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