Chapter thirty-three ( Wanting to know more about you)

Derrick's Pov:

Walking down the hallway as I kept memorizing how to approach my mate this night, during the party. I am not a party type but this seems like the only opportunity of meeting her because it is obvious that she was going to be there. Who dares to miss today's party?. I am determined to find her today, even if that's what I will do at the party today, she is worth it. Even if leaving everything at the party just to search for her, I won't think twice about doing so. But today I am determined to find the reason why she did run away that time.

"Maybe she was just surprised to be mated to you……" Ethan said. He has always been supportive of her ever since we set our eyes on her. He seriously wanted a mate which never surprised me on him taking sides and being over supportive of her, though I seriously wanted a mate too.

"But I am not that scaring……. for her to run away on our first time meeting each other," I mumbled grumpily.

"How sure are you….?" taunt Ethan.

"Hey, which
Cynthia Chris

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I’m so happy he showed up, and defended her. They need to banish that Nengi chick!

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