Chapter thirty-four (Getting ready for the party)

Mira's Pov:

Sitting in front of my dressing table as Angel stretches and rolls my hair in a ponytail, today is the welcome party. It is already night and I am done helping Virginia with her choice of clothes, I am done helping her find the suitable clothes for tonight's party. The event of yesterday came rushing into my mind, flooding my mind. Having to deal with Nengi and at the same time Derrick weakening me, I still wonder what the pack members or people around will see me when they find out that I am mated to my husband's twin brother, that I am mated to the two brothers? This is f*****g impossible, I still wonder how this seems nice in the presence of the moon goddess because this is my worst nightmare. This doesn't seem like a good omen because if it didn't break the bond between the two brothers then it will crush me in the end. After all, I am damn sure that no matter what that the relationship between Derrick and Nicholas can't jeopardize so one thing is for sure it will bac
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Ok I’m trying to finish this book since I paid for it…but I’m going preview all books cuz this non-English proficient writing is confusing at least and annoying at most

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