Chapter thirty-five( What the fuck....!!!)

Derrick's Pov:

I dressed very well for tonight's party, it is my day. But my main aim of coming to this party, and why I was determined to hold it, is to find my mate, the girl that always runs away anytime that we do meet without allowing me to get or take a closer step towards her. I also wanted to meet my brother's wife, the girl that accepted in settling down with Nicholas. Since my arrival I haven't seen nor met her, I also want to know the reason why I feel the need to protect her. I wanted to meet my mate first but if any one of them comes first then I have to accept like that.

Arriving at the party, I noticed that the whole place was booming with music. Exchanging greetings with my parents, Lucien, Nicholas, and the rank members. I noticed that my brother's wife wasn't with him which gives me concern. After staying for days I have come to realize that he doesn't stay with his wife which sometimes makes me think that they are not fond of each other like they don't like staying
Cynthia Chris

Hey, guys what do you think that is going to be Mira's fate concerning the two brothers?

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Tiffanie Smith
I am really getting irritated with her. I understand that she’s in a strange place and she has a mate that doesn’t want her but she figured out that she also has another mate Yet she continues to run from him. It’s quite annoying and she needs to get her crap together quickly

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