Chapter Forty ( I want to reject you..........

Nicholas Pov:

"You said that my father wanted to see me, right?" I doubtingly asked Lucien. I knew that my father wasn't calling me, he just did that to save that pathetic fool. I still can't see myself getting knotted with her as husband and wife. The moon goddess made a mistake in binding us together as a mate, it was a huge slap on my face. How am I to be walking with that thing as my Luna? Though she looks strong and fit to be a Luna still I can't see me viewing her as one. She is not my type of girl, she is not the type of girl that I roll with. Is the moon goddess trying to pay me back for all my wrongs? Even if she wants to pay me back but not in this way, I know I am ruthless and dangerous but getting payback by Mira, that stinking creature like my Luna, and the terrible part being mated to her, this is the worst thing ever.

"Yes, your father wants to see you……" He bluntly said, jerking me back to reality. He tried looking strong but the tone of his voice failed him, nervous
Cynthia Chris

Hello, sweethearts, what do you think about this chapter? Do you think that Nicholas is going to be a great leader? Will, he accepts Mira's rejection and leave her to go? Please always remember to drop your likes and comments.❤❤

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