Chapter forty-one (I reject your rejection........

Mira's Pov:

"I am here to reject you…." I wanted the word to come out serious but it rolled out of my lips more like I wasn't ready, it came out like I was nervous. Which annoys me, I am here to reject him and I am not going back without completing this task.

"You want what!!......" He surprisingly uttered but masked his expression immediately before I noticed it. I just hope that he accepts this rejection. I know that it is going to be painful but I need to disentangle myself from him. It is better that I feel the pain of breaking the mate bond than being under his torture for eternity, it is better to feel the pain of the mate bond which won't last for long, than being mated to a demon.

"I want to reject you……" I mumbled.

"I still can't get you well," with a furrowed eyebrow he said in a mocking tone.

Swallowing hard, I straightened myself with my head up, I said as I stared into his eyes "I am here to accept your rejection……."

Staring at me for a few minutes, he burst into a ver
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goodnovel comment avatar
Nicholas is a sadistic bast**d who I think is in league (or under enchantment) with the Gamma and Gamma’s daughter to overthrow Alpha Den and Luna Den
goodnovel comment avatar
I just want to clarify that I’ll read most books (and have) that it’s an issue with language differences but this book is difficult to read but I’m trying to comprehend the meaning. My main question is how can Derrick felt her Alpha Aura but Nicolas can’t?

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