Chapter forty-three (Am I dead.......?

Third person's pov:

Placing her hand on her ribs to smoothen the pain, with her other hand holding her gown to allow her to run, she proceeded with running. With a faint breath, she continued running towards the woods. She truly knows that running into her room at this moment wasn't a good idea for Nicholas is likely to come to find her there, she knows that her life is in more danger because Nicholas isn't going to let what happened today slide easily, not after kneeling him in between his thighs. Running to the woods was the only idea that is in her mind right now since she isn't any close to anybody in this park and what she doesn't want is putting Angel in a problem. So she avoided going to Angel's room, she doesn't want to drag her into this mess.

Her whole body ached, especially her ribs and she knew that she had a bone fracture and will sustain a severe injury there, but now wasn't the right time to start checking that. Her body is full of scars due to the physical abuse she a
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