Chapter forty-four ( I am screwed......

Mira's pov:

"Hey, Heaven……." I kept calling for my wolf who has been silent all this period, her silence is killing me within. "Can't this person leave and stop gawking at me," I angrily muttered.

"Calm down, baby girl……" I heard a tiny voice inside my head, the voice was enchanting and captivating the voice that I have so much longed to hear.

"Heaven!!......." With a mesmerizing smile screamed in joy.

"You are back! You there…..?" I asked as my smile widened.

"I have always been here….." She yawned when rubbing her eyes, she looked adorable.

"What do you mean that you have always been here? When you were busy ignoring and snubbing my calls……" I whined with a poker face.

"Where were you all this time?" I suspiciously asked her as I narrowed my eyes on her.

"I was sleeping," she reluctantly mumbled as if it was the best thing to do at this moment.

"Sleeping!!!...." I exclaimed in utter surprise.

"You are kicking annoying…." With a frown, she murmured. With a furrowed brow I asked her.
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