Chapter forty-six (Stupid mate bond)

Mira's Pov:

"The thing is that I need to be with my sister now…." I struggled to sound serious but I won't deny that there was a hint of nervousness and uneasiness overwhelming me with just the thought of Derrick and I staying all alone in a room.

"So you preferred her company more than mine?" He feigned hurt, his words taking me by surprise. Swallowing nervously I stare at Angel who glances suspiciously at me as her eye asks me the answers to this whole thing.

"Hmmm……. Stretching my head nervously I muttered " The thing is that I have something important to do…….

Nodding in a hurtful way with his head he questioned "More important than I…..?"

"Look, now is not the right time for this whole thing. Hmmm, I have to be somewhere right now," I suddenly muttered in one go, his questions not helping at all. He is just doing this whole thing on purpose, using my eye I pleaded for him to let me go. Smiling mischievously he shook his head in a disapproving manner, Gosh I am screwed how am I t
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