Chapter forty-seven (Getting Aroused)

Third Person's Pov:

"Hmmm……. She moaned when leaning on Derrick's touch.

"You looked so pretty that I feel like kissing you right now," he huskily whispered as his breath fanned her cheek. Mira could feel his mouth breath on her cheeks, he was too close. They were inches away from each other.

"Stop!...." With heavy breathing, Mira distanced herself from him.

Derrick confusingly gazed at her "Why do you always avoid me?" Taking a step he asked her.

"You, just stay there, one more step and I will scream, " she threatened Derrick who burst into a laugh.

"Really….." He amusingly asked

" Then give it a try, scream and shout…." He annoyingly speaks.

"Am damn serious…." Taking a step back Mira muttered.

"COME ONE, what are you still waiting for? Or should I help you and scream?" His brows furrowed in a nasty way as he asked her.

"One more step and I will scream on top of my voice," swallowing nervously Mira uttered.

Walking towards her with his eyes fixed on her every movement, he asked he
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