Chapter Eighty(Pouring out my heart)


It has been for some weeks and I am enjoying it here, especially getting closer to Khloe every passing day. There is this behavior of her that I didn't know that she possesses like she is lively and more jovial to be around, all thanks to her mate because I know that he was the only one to tame the demon down.

Sipping my coffee as I chat away with Angel, Susan, and Vivian. The door was pulled open as Khloe barged inside.

"Hello, our humble Alpha…." I joked.

"You welcome, Alpha," Angel and Susan muttered.

"Uhmmm……" she gave us a little smile, something seemed off about her like she seemed angry and something again that I can't seem to place my finger on what exactly.

"What's wrong, Khloe?" Vivian asked before I could open my mouth.

"Nothing just that, Nicholas and his brother Derick came to my pack earlier yesterday," she confessed.

"They did what!..." We all exclaimed in unison.

"Hey, you guys should be calming down….." Vivian mumbled, "So tell us why they were there in the fir
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