Chapter eighty-one( Abduction)


I couldn't stay in the house any longer as the whole place was in hell, the bickering and arguments between the two siblings. The place was not healthy for my baby and so the only option was for me to run away from everyone's sight and ear. I felt sorry for abandoning my sisters who had done nothing but be with me when I needed them most but I hoped that they would understand me and my reasons behind the sudden disappearance. Holding my swollen belly, I kept running to God knows where, walking through the tacky roads. I kept hoping that none of the siblings would notice my absence.

"Ahh…!!!!!" I screamed as I felt someone choking me from behind. Struggling to free myself as the person's hold gets harder. I fell to the floor unconscious since I couldn't free myself.

My head felt buzzing, trying to force my eyes open the more the pain in my head hurts. The floor felt cold which makes me worry since the last time that I remembered I was running and making my way out before I was s
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