Public reunion

"Jason... Jason Rivera?" I scoffed. I threw my gaze back at the people walking out.

"Rissa." He called but I pretended like I didn't hear him.

What the hell does he want now.

"Clarissa. How have you been?"

"I'm doing great without you" I stood up from my sit and walked closer to him.

"That's how you'll say hi, after seeing me for the first time in five years"

"What do you suggest I do? Roll out a red carpet, or freak out because almighty Jason Rivera showed up after five years" I sighed.

"Clarissa.." he drawled and I rolled my eyes and went back to sit.

Could Louisa just show up now before I freak out.

"Best. Best best OMG bestttttt" I heard her voice scream out loud. 

"Best... Louisa" I sprang up my feet and almost ran to her.

We both hugged ourselves so tight, that you'll think we were glued to each other.

"I've missed you more than I can explain" she rasped.

"Missed you too, I'm glad you back now, shall we?"

"Sure." She smiled, I've genuinely missed her smile.

"Louisa!" Jason called, the freak was still standing there.

"OMG Jay, Jason Rivera, this feels like a reunion" Louisa couldn't hold her horses, she was speaking so fast ad in few seconds and a blink of my eyes my best friend was wrapping her hand around his body.

"How have you been?"

"Great, you look really good it's really been five years" he had a smile plastered on his face as he spoke 

I feel like hitting him so hard 

Jason Rivera and I go way back in highschool, he was a one time bully. He didn't get to bully me again after I was forced to tutor him by our teacher, we became close friends untill our 12th grade, dude stopped attending classes, he didn't call neither did he text, I found out he moved, he freaking left the country without saying good bye. I wasn't mad at him for leaving, I was sad because he never considered me close enough to tell me he was leaving, he didn't even say bye, I would have wished him farewell.

Well even if I didn't wish him, he's fine I can obviously see he's faring well.

"Can we leave now Isa?"

"What do you mean leave, I just met Jay here"

"You can stay but you should know I want to leave, I'm having a meeting inthirty minutes time" I rolled my eyes and began walking out 

"Rissa c'mon" 

"Hey, Jay" I turned around and noticed she was giving him her phone to out in his number.

"C'mon Louisa"


I turned around and made to walk when I bumped into someone, I lost balance and could feel myself falling, just then the person I bumped into catches me half way through my fall.

I was in a romantic position with my hero.

I stared at the person looking really shocked. I couldn't make out a word.

He's blue eyes stares at me weirdly, his black hair was brushed backwards but it fell since he was bending to hold me, I looked at him again to be sure my mind wasn't playing games with me, that pink lips of his that has always been the reason I got distracted was looking even more pink. 

This should be a dream, he couldn't be back no, I was must definitely dreaming.

He almost look unrecognizable, I wouldn't have known he was the one if I hadn't been so close to him before.

Gradually taking a stand from our position I looked fixed at him and so did he. All so suddenly he's back after five years.

"Clarissa?" He's voice was kinda low and unbelievably.

I stepped back, trying to speak but the words were so heavy to process.

"Vaxel." I muttered.

Louisa's was starring at me the whole time.

"Vaxel!" Louisa called out. I turned and noticed Jay was starring at the both of us, not only him but so many people.

I looked round with some sort of hurt feeling building inside of me.

 Couldn't say anything, I was dumb, looked at Louisa, she understood what I wanted.

I wanted to leave this place, I feel so suffocated.

I walked out of thier sight with Louisa following behind me 

Why do I feel hurt, I thought I was done with this feeling, Why do I suddenly feel pained.

We got to where my car was parked, the driver opened the door for me, I hopped in and so did Louisa.

I was trying my best not to seem hurt or feel hurt, I didn't want Louisa's return to be spoilt by me.

"Best you'll be fine, just act like you don't know he's here"

"Never said I wasn't okay Louisa, I'm fine seeing him has no effect on me"

"Really now, but you've been sulking"

"Louisa, I'm fine okay, we'll hang out later tonight, I have a meeting in the next thirty minutes."

"Okay, umh Rissa, I'll be staying at your place okay, I and dad are still not in talking terms"

"What do you mean your still not in talking terms with your dad"

"That's a discussion for later."

"Well if that's the case feel at home but mind you, I'll be back to my house on sunday, mom forced me to stay for the weekend"

"There's no problem, I'll fit just fine" she sighed.

"Is there anything problem?"

"Nah! I'm just wondering didn't you see how hot Jay looked" she sighed starring out the window. I have her a playful hit on her arm.

"Your crazy and here I was thinking you weren't fine"

"I'm fine fool" she retorted.

"Umh Mr Ralph, please take me to the office and afterwards take my best here to the house"

"Okay ma'am"


I stared at the very big blue sky from the balcony of my office, the weather was perfect for a swim, letting out a sigh I tucked my hair at the back of my hair, let the beautiful dancing of the wind to dance around my body.

I'll be fine with what ever is going to happen, Jason and Vaxel being around is nothing, besides I don't care.

Tonight is for my baby girl.


The loud music bounced loudly in my ear, I stared closely at the people who danced around, some had drinks in thier hand while some danced alone, few were clung to thier partners dancing.

I and Louisa just arrived at the club, we are celebrating her return and apparently my new position as the CEO.

It's a VIP club meant for the rich not everyone could afford to come here.

"What would you like" the bartender asked as we sat on the stool.

"Umh Whiskey!" Louisa pronounced.

"You miss?" He threw the question at me.

"Umh, grape juice"

"Common Rissa, don't tell me you still have that old habit, you still don't have alcohol?"

"I don't want to loose my sanity, I'm sure you'll loose your's soon, if I get drunk, who's going to drive, you?" I scoffed.

"Common Rissa... It's good to drink, we are celebrating just have a shot you'll feel good" she nagged.

I hissed realising a blunt "No"

"Common best!!"

"Fine just one shot of whatever she's having" I turned to the waiter.

"Okay ma'am"


"So you'll be going to work tommorow?" I asked Louisa as she drank from her glass.

"Yes, can't wait to start working." she looked really happy.

"I wish your dad can see how good you are as a doctor"

"He'll never be proud of me, he practically disowned me remember, I couldn't do a thing I had no one. He'll always want me to follow his foot step but I don't want to, I hate politics" She sniffed in and drank more.

Even if this was a happy moment for both of us, we were still sad, we are where want to be but still sad.

It may sound crazy but Louisa's father is the president of my country, the president who practically disowned his daughter because she went after her dreams, he stoped speaking with her, didn't want to further her education, he acts like he doesn't have Louisa as a daughter, he treats my friend badly. I know what's she's been through, and I know how I forced her to go after her dreams, now look where she is now.

"I'm so happy and proud of you best, I wish your dad is too, don't worry one-day he will, he'll call you one day and apologize to you" I carresed her hand.

"Hey Rissa.. Louisa" That familiar voice called out.

"Jay, so good to see you again" Louisa who was tipsy" Smiled at him while I turned to face another direction, I want nothing to do with him.

"Rissa!" he called.

"It's Clarissa!" Why the hell does he keeps calling me Rissa, I'm not his friend so he shouldn't.

"Another one"I emptied the content in the glass into my mouth and drop the glass on the table.

The bartender turned some more Into the the glass and I drank it speedily.

I was suddenly feel cheated, I felt i was once again cheated by people who I cared for and loved, I felt lik a big fool.

I watched Louisa speak with Jason, even if I hated him and didn't want to speak with him, I can't make Louisa not speak to him after all they were friends.

My head was beginning to shake and spin, this huge bang came to my head.

"I'll be in the dance floor" I muttered before walking recklessly out of thier mist.

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