Little Drunk Clarissa

~Vaxel's Point of view~

I watched her walk into the club.

Sitting by a conner which was a bit secluded and calm, I watched both Clarissa and Louisa walk into the club, Clarissa had changed over the years, she looks even prettier, she'd grown so beautiful, her body looked amazing, her shape.

Her hips looked wider than I've ever seen it, she looked matured. Seeing her at the airport made me realize how much I missed her and how much I failed her, I wish it was possible I wouldn't had let dad control me back then.

I never wanted to let go of her. For a moment I thought she'll hug me tight but she didn't, she walked out on me.

I've missed her, missed her voice, her smiles.

She's still friends with Louisa and Jason, the guy I've never liked, I've always known that he'd had feelings for Clarissa, I saw the way he looked at me when I stumbled into Clarissa.

It was like I was monitoring her, I watched her every move since she arrived at the club.

She stood from where she sat and staggered to the dance floor, she started moving her body in beautiful rhymes of the music.

On the other hand Louisa sat with Jason, drinking and having a chat, it is at all none of my business. My gaze couldn't leave Rissa, I watched her like I was paid to do so.

Because of how she danced, guys gathered her and began cheering her up, she moved her waist in different styles.

"Yeah!" Her voice came, you could tell she wasn't in her right frame of mind, she was drunk already." 

Suddenly, this guy with blonde her, went closer to her, he touched and began making silly moves around her.

I turned to where Louisa sat, maybe Jason waa watching and would react. The seats were empty, were did they go to.

Watching closely, I noticed the way the man roamed his hand around her body as she danced. He leaned towards her and said somethings into her ears.

I turned towards the bar, Louisa and Jason weren't there.

Rissa danced around like someone that had gone crazy, obviously she was, she was drunk. He grabbed her by her wrist and made to walk out with her.

I wished to sit put but, my wish weren't granted as I walked out of the club, quietly following thier every move.

"Hey, where you taking me to?" She asked trying to take her hand away from his.

"C'mon doll, you danced real well in there, I'm sure you'll do so well in bed" He voice alone was displeasing to my ears.

"No thanks dude, I. I..I ..I w*..w*nna go back in there and dance my sorrows aw*y"

"Sorrows? There's a better way to take away your sorrows doll and I promise it's good" He said but Rissa pulled her hands from his and began walking away from him.

"I said, I want to dance, if you touch me, I'll call the cops" she rasped

"C'mon doll don't play hard to get, let get in the car"he pulled her towards him, opened his car and was about pushing her in.

I didn't want to make any hasty decision, I wanted to see everything the bastard would do. I want to protect her but I don't want her seeing me, she would never like it.

"Let me go you fool, I don't want you touching me!" She drawled realising hysterical laughter's.

He pushed her to the car, letting her back hit the car aggressively. He pushed his lips to her neck and started kissing her.

As much as I wanted to stay out, and wished to not get involved in this shit, I couldn't just watch a complete stranger violate her.

Tulking my left hand into my pocket I walked towards the man.

"Dude! She said she wants your hands, off her body" I sneered 

He turned to face me immediately. " And why do you care?"

"Let her go man!"

"Fuck off, I got her first" What the hell is the fool talking of, I don't want her, I'm just saving her huge butt.

"Let's go Rissa!" I grabbed her with my right hand and made to leave but the guy pulled her backwards.

"Man! Fuck off!" I threw a punch at his face, grabbed Rissa and started walking away, just then I felt him pull her from me, giving me a blow the moment I turned, his had went straight to my nose.


Cleaning the blood from my nose, I gave a smirk, walked closer to him very slowly, I'll definitely kill him if I don't control my anger, I sent a shivering slap across his face, Rissa shrieked and ran to me, she stayed behind me holding my waist firmly.

I grabbed the man by the neck, I squeezed and pressed in, making sure he was out of breath.

"Heyyy..!" He tried to breath but I pressed on making sure I suffocated him.

"Let him go!"Clarissa's voice was so feeble.

"Let him go!" She yelled and I realised a grunt before letting go of his neck.

"Stay away from her!" I spat out angrily, glared hard at him, I wish I could just squeeze life out of him.

I grabbed Clarissa and walked her out of the club environment, I don't even know where I was heading to.

Maybe a little walk will help her.

"Can you let go of my hand, I want to go back in and have a fun filled night" She rasped.

It's been so long I heard her voice.

In as much as she wanted me to let her go, I didn't, I held unto her tightly and walked further to where I had packed my car.

"What do you want for me? Why the hell can't you leave me alone" She yanked her hand away from mine and began walking away.

What the hell is wrong with her, she'll get into more trouble.

Even as my heart warned me against helping her I couldn't.

"If you knew you wouldn't be able to be in control of your body, why did you drink?" I asked and she turned hastily to me.

"Why do you care? Are you my dad? Are you my mom?"She asked and I kept mute.

"You see, you are not my mom nor my dad, and you are not my boyfriend either, so just back off"

She laughed and made way to the road.

"Rissa, we have to take you home!"

"No, let me be" She walked further to the road.

She walked to the middle of the road and began dancing.


"Rissa!" I yelled the road was quite calm. 

"Rissa!" I called when the alarming honk of a car filled my ears.

The car was on a very high speed and Rissa, I don't know she'd already gone crazy and was dancing, she never noticed that car.

Tension filled my body, I was scared, the car was on a high speed. Gosh!

I ran to the road and pulled her forcefully, making the both of us roll to the ground.

"Fuck you!" I cursed the moron driving the car.

"Clarissa" I called tapping her cheeks. 

She was faint.

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