The beginning of the end

Clarissa ran down the lobby with her father following behind her.

"Mom!" She pushed doors, looked into rooms, when she didn't see her mother anywhere in the room, she went to the next door.

"Mom!" She kept yelling. She pushed the last door open to see her mother lying on the floor with a knife in her hand.

"Mom! Dad, come here! Help, someone! " She yelled, tapping her mother.

Her eyes opened slowly as she realised slight grunts. Clarissa realised a light huff at least her mother was okay.

With the help of her father, she took her mother out to the ambulance.

The moment they took her mother, she turned to see Vaxel's. He had his head on the figure that laid covered up on the bed, blood stains all over his body.

"Grandma, please come back. You cannot leave me like this, you're leaving just like everyone is. You're not dead, I refuse to believe this." He hadn't even spent a whole day with his grandmother now she was dead.

The ambulance that had Mrs Vicente in
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