what really happened?

Vaxel sat on the floor of the hospital. The news about the death of his grandmother has spread like wildfire. And his father's house was almost burnt to ashes.

He let the tears roll down his eyes, he didn't even get to spend some more time with her. She was gone and would never come back.

He had heard about Clarissa's mother's accident; she was also hospitalized too.

Was this some sort of welcoming game, what was happening?

This question filled his head.

"Mr Jericho. I am inspector H. Damien. And I've been assigned to investigate the death of your grandmother."

Vaxel took his head up when he heard the voice of the inspector.

"I and my team will interrogate each and every family which attended your welcome party starting from you." Fredrick nodded.

Vaxel stood from the ground "We promise to render all support and help, we will tell you all you need to know and in return help us get justice for the murder of my grandma!" Vaxel said he looked so anxiously and miserably sad. His eyes had
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