Despite it not being all that late, the street wasn’t particularly busy for a Friday night. Cop cars, taxis and buses trundled along the roads while the smell of food wafted from the restaurants and diners along the way. To an outsider, the pair simply looked like two friends walking together and yet Camille could feel the tension crackling between them. She was relieved that the hulking god like creature didn’t try to touch her again not because she didn’t want him to but because she had liked it when he did and it was confusing her to no end. The man had just flat out admitted he had been staring at her like some creepy stalker and yet his touch seemed capable of settling the storm of anxiety in her while starting another storm in her that was much more hot and salacious.

Perhaps I am crazy. She thought. That has to be it, someone’s touch shouldn’t be driving me this wild.

“Why did you decide to leave early?” Jag broke the silence, his voice much more gentle now but still deliciou
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