Spending the afternoon with Kal had been wonderfully refreshing and while Camille's brain felt like it was going to explode from all the things Kal told her about his world and stories about growing up, She was glad she had gone. It had been nice to be able to spend time with someone other than Charlotte and Camille didn’t fear. Kal never once made her feel uncomfortable either. In fact he was a perfect gentleman which really was a surprise given that human men weren’t even capable of that anymore.

Camille was quickly learning the dynamic of the three draygonian soldiers' friendship. Kal was an adventurer at heart and so it didn't surprise her that he had taken to learning about earth with such eagerness. His insight into his friends also helped shape Camille's opinion of them further, especially Jag. She still thought he was bossy and too blunt but she now understood why he was so serious all of the time. That said, she wasn't in a rush to see him again. Her read of Sid had also been
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