Camille hated how calm and smooth Jag was being. He was being too nice which already had Camille on high alert but Donnie seemed oblivious. Perhaps it was only Camille that Jag was a complete asshole to…no, that wasn’t right. She remembered what Charlotte had told her. Jag was an asshole to everyone so why was he being so courteous now?

“So, what are these terms?” Jag asked once they were seated.

"Emma has requested that on Thursdays she be finished by five pm and no later." Donnie started, peering through horn-rimmed glasses at the tablet in his hand. "She had also put a stipulation in that should she feel that the position isn't suitable then she only has to give one week's notice."

"Three weeks and what's so important about Thursdays?"

It sounded more like a demand than a curious question and it took everything in Camille not to shrink back under that authoritative gaze. The requests didn't seem to bother Jag in the slightest as if he had been prepared for them. Perhaps he had e
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