"You did really well today, Emma!" 

"Oh I don't know…" 

Camille wasn't sure if Sid was being truthful or was just really positive but Camille's hot and sweaty body certainly didn't feel like it was doing well. She hadn't known what to expect when she attended the Krai-Na but she certainly hadn't expected to be thrown in at the deep end or for Charlotte to have to bail at the last second. She could have easily scurried away then but she couldn't keep relying on Charlotte to do everything. She was a grown-ass woman after all. 

"I'd say you're a natural." The Draygonian shrugged, arms crossed over his chest and a grin across his face that showed off his perfectly white teeth and those sharp fangs. "Trust me, I've been practising Krai-Na since I could walk." 

"Alright but I think my legs are going to disagree with you tomorrow." Camille laughed. 


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