“So, this device should block the signal being put out by the camera without blocking anything else.” Kal explained. “However, just to be safe, I don’t think you’ll be able to go near computers or mobile phones.”

“That’s fine, “ Camille smiled. “I never used that stuff much anyway.”

They were due to go up to the garden soon to meet with Jag and Sid. After several hours of love-making, Sid had reluctantly left Camille to freshen up. She still ached now from their activities but it only served to fill her with a wave of happiness and colour her cheeks pink. She couldn’t recall a time that she felt this loved and wanted or a time when being with someone made her happy. Even now, As Kal talked to her about the device he had created to help her, Camille felt like someone actually cared about her. It was a confusing situation given everything that had happened but she was mean

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