She watched as the small silver speck in the sky grew closer until she could make out the full detail of the aircraft. The peachy light from the setting sun turned the silver body of the ship into copper. The day was coming to a close but the new nightmare Camille found herself in was far from over.

There’s been an incident.

Her eyes followed the aircraft as it slowed down and began to descend smoothly towards the landing pad. A group of people were waiting patiently for the ship to land before they moved swiftly towards it. It felt like the scene unfolding Down on the landing pad was a million miles away from and yet everything unfolding was linked to her.

It was meant to have been a routine trip. They had been planning it for weeks, staking out the property and monitoring everyone’s movement. So how had this happened? How had Nathan gotten away? How had someone manage to detonate a bomb?

There’s been an incident.

Kal had explained that he had been able to jam the signal between t
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