For what had to be the umpteenth time in the last forty eight hours, Jag found himself pressing the tips of his fingers into his closed eyes to try and relieve the pressure from a looming headache. He was careful to ensure that outwardly he appeared calm and unfazed but even the most seasoned soldier would find themselves fighting off a stress headache with everything that was going on.

And it seemed like literally everything was going on and none of it was working in their favour.

“Digital forensics turned up nothing on EFHA or Matthews.” Kal announced as he walked into the room, dressed in his usual uniform and white hair neatly combed back. He looked like he had showered after a good night’s sleep but that couldn’t be further from the truth. “The only telling thing is that everyone fell into radio silence over usual channels about four months ago. They must have found new ways of communicating to ensure they were never tracked.”

“Not surprising. They would have known their digita
Zayda Watts

Sorry for making you all wait so long for this update. I wish I had a decent excuse, but I just have been...done with everything that getting anything out has been painful. Anyway, hopefully I won't make you wait too long for the next update and thanks again for your patience.

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