Chapter 4



"Boss, Charles Bolton was murdered, his entire family has been butchered" Scott informed through the phone.

I reclined back in my seat and sighed. "Every single one of them?"

"Yes, boss, except for Leopold, the butler. He is nowhere to be found"

"Look for him" I ordered, as I put on my suit jacket.

"On it, boss but you might want to come down here, there's a situation---"

I cut him off. "I'll be there"

I hung up the call and walked to my dining room. Bolton's dead body can wait. I settled on my seat, and read the daily paper, sipping my coffee in silence.

"Don Niko" a maid voiced.

"What?" I questioned, keeping my gaze on the paper.

"My daughter graduated top of her class" she smiled. "She wanted to thank you for paying for her education"

Georgia has been working for me for ten years, her daughter was a bright kid. I just did what I would do for any of my house help.

"Bright little kid, does she plan on going to college?"


"Talk to Scott, he will take care of it"

"Thank you, Don Niko"

I got up and buttoned my suit jacket, I needed to be at the Bolton's mansion.

Charles Bolton was my father's best friend, my father considered him a brother. In our world, when you consider someone a brother it means you will give your life for him.

After my father retired, Charles voluntarily drifted away from our family. I have been made aware that he had planned to leave the underworld and moved to another country. I laughed, I think his plans for a fresh start were flushed down the drain.

My cousin Luigi flicked his cigarette on the ground as he saw me and opened the car door. I settle in the back and asked him to drive to the Bolton's mansion.

When we got there, the Bolton's mansion was crawling with my men, I stepped out of the car and saw the bodies of the household help piled over one another. My men pulled out another body of the mansion and threw it over the pile.

Scott approached me. "Niko, I think you need to see something"

"What is it?"

He gestured for me to follow him inside. I followed him into the front door of Bolton's mansion, the giant wooden door was shattered and broken. Chunks of vases and furniture were scattered all over the place. The place looked like the aftermath of a warzone

Scott pointed toward the two bodies laying on the ground. What was confusing was a girl sitting beside the bodies. Her back was facing me, I couldn't see her face. Her clothes were blood-ridden and ripped.

"She has been sitting there for hours, looking at their dead bodies," Scott informed me. "I have no fucking idea who the fuck she is"

"One of the maids?" I questioned.

"Probably not, she was holding Charles's dead body. I think they are related or something"

"I don't remember Charles having a child"

"He didn't have one. Charles lived here with his wife and Leo"

"Any word on Leopold?"

"Still nothing. What should we do with the girl?"

"Ask Alex to find out who she is"

"Already did, he said he will call me as soon as he will have something"

I frowned. "Didn't she notice all of you?" I asked as I watched her acting indifferent to everyone around her.

"Bianca tried talking to her but she didn't acknowledge her presence. She seems to be in a state of shock"

His phone ringed and Alex's name appeared on the screen. He picked up and talked to him for over a minute, he hung up and had a confused expression on his face. I raised an eyebrow.

"There is no public record of Charles Bolton ever having a child but nineteen years ago his very pregnant wife was admitted to our hospital for delivery but the child died during birth and it was a boy"

"His boy died, then who the fuck is that?" I pointed towards the girl, whose back was still facing me.

"That's the question only she can answer"

"Call Bianca again and ask her to try to talk to her again,"

Scott did as he was told. I watched as Bianca approached the girl, she placed a hand over her shoulder and the girl stiffened. She talked to her for some time before she got up and gave her head a small shake.

"Boss, I tried. She isn't saying anything---"

Bianca's word got cut off as a piercing shriek rang throughout the room. My attention shifted back towards the girl. One of my men was trying to pick up Charles's body but she threw herself over it, screaming like a fucking banshee.

"Dad, no! Please, no!"

Dad? So, she was Bolton's child.

One of them held her back as the two men dragged Charles's body out of the house. She fought relentlessly, and my men let her go to pick up Charles's wife's body. She tried to pull her mother's body from his grasp but her feeble attempts were nothing compared to his strength.

They dragged their dead bodies out of the house, and that's when she turned. Her face and clothes were covered in blood, tears streamed down her face as she followed the men holding her parent's dead bodies.

She tripped on her feet and then got up again. As she was about to run past me, I grabbed her arm stopping her. She didn't look at me at first as she attempted to break free. She kept looking at the men dragging the bodies away from her.

Suddenly, she just gave up and her body went limp. She broke down, crying like a child. She finally looked up at me, her eyes shining with tears.

"What is your name?" I asked her.

She frowned at me, her lips parted before her head hung low and she started to uncontrollably sob again.

"I asked you a question!" I snapped and she cowered away from me, trying to pull herself out of my grip.

My grip on her arm tightened. "I don't like to repeat myself! What is your name?"

"Ev--- ev---" she couldn't even form words in this miserable state.

"Boss, maybe, we should let her calm down first..." Bianca suggested.

"W-who a-are y-you?" She asked through her sobs.

"I'm a friend of your father's," I said, so she would fucking talk to me. I could care less about Charles fucking Bolton.

"Someone killed my dad... they killed him... my mom and dad" her shoulders shook with the force of her sobs.

Scott placed a hand on my shoulder and my attention shifted towards him. "Boss, there was a drug bust. Police knew, someone tipped them off"

A boiling fury swelled inside of me. "Motherfucker!"

I turned to Bianca and pushed the girl in her direction. "Take her home, clean her up and feed her" I ordered as the girl looked between me and Bianca with wide eyes.

I strode out of Charles's mansion and got into my car. Scott followed closely behind.

"Niko, with the recent attacks on our men and now the drug bust, I think it's all connected to him"

"Let's pay our friend Mateo a visit" I gritted through my teeth.

We got to our warehouse, right in the middle of nowhere. I was flanked by Aaron and Scott. Four more of my men trailed behind me as we approached Mateo's cell.

Mateo is the underboss of Ignacio Reyes. We have been at a war with Ignacio since he butchered my men in cold blood, I don't forgive the blood of my men that easily. I will not fucking rest till I have killed every single man of Reyes's family.

Ignacio has been going crazy over the disappearance of Mateo, he had an idea that I had him but didn't have the balls to challenge me to my face, I really want him too, so, I can shoot his fucking head off. Now sabotaging my shipments and trying to piss me off discreetly was his coward's way of attacking me. Such a fucking pussy.

Our footsteps echoed off the walls of the warehouse. I stopped outside Mateo's cell as Aaron opened the door. The room was lit by a single light bulb and under it, Mateo was tied up to a chair, swollen and pissed off.

I put my hand in my pockets as I stood tall before Mateo.

Mateo laughed and spat at my feet. It didn't reach me, but he tried. "Any special reason for this wonderful visit, Nikolai? I'm guessing your shipment of drugs didn't make it, did it?" he grinned

I placed my palms over the table before him. "How do you know about that?"

He laughed, he fucking laughed at me. "We are way ahead of you, Nikolai. We know your every move"

I smirked. "Do you like laughing, Mateo?"

He nodded. "Not really but laughing at you" he took a deep breath in, relishing the moment of his insignificant win. "It's something else, isn't it?"


"Yes, boss?"

"Help Mateo improve his laugh"

Aaron opened up his toolbox and took out a metal mouth gag and pliers. Panic flashed through Mateo's eyes, his lips pressed into a thin line as he tried to close his mouth as hard as he could.

A brutal punch connected with his jaw, his mouth opened with a grunt. Aaron shoved the mouth gag into his mouth as Scott helped him with it. Aaron went straight for his front tooth. With his strength, he had no problem pulling his front tooth out, a high-pitched scream rang out through his cell. Saliva mixed with his blood trailed down his chin. Without giving him a chance to gather himself, Aaron went for the second tooth and pulled it out. Mateo made an animalistic wail. I raised a hand and Aaron stopped immediately. He took off the mouth gag and stepped aside as Mateo cried like a little bitch.

"Now, are you ready to talk?" I asked

"Go fuck yourself, Nikolai! You'll never get anything out of me!" he shouted

Now it was my time to laugh. "Well, I gave a chance"

I glanced at Aaron and he knew what to do next. I stepped out of Mateo's cell and strolled down the dark hallway of the warehouse I could hear Mateo's scream resonating throughout it.

Aaron had the most creative ways to torture information out of people. Now or later, I know Mateo will talk.

I got to my mansion and took off my suit jacket, I threw it over the couch and unbuttoned my cuffs before folding them up.

Bianca entered the living room and walked over to me. "Don Niko, the girl..."

I leaned back on the couch putting my feet over the coffee table. "What about her?"

"She keeps on crying. The maid took her to take a bath---"

I stood up. "Where is she?"

Bianca reluctantly pointed towards the guestroom. I made my way to it and opened the door only to find it empty. I heard the water running in the bathroom and walked to it. I stilled as I saw her... fucking naked.

She was sitting in the bathtub. Her knees to her chest, her brown long hair draped over her back. She was still crying her eyes out as maids poured water over her head, washing away the blood from her face.

She wasn't saying anything, she wasn't stopping the maids from showering her. I silently watched as her olive skin glistened with water, her whimpers and the running water were the only two sounds that resonated in the bathroom.

"Her name is Evangeline" Bianca voiced from behind me. "Evangeline Bolton... she is eighteen years old and Charles Bolton's only daughter. At least that what's she told me"

"She talked to you?"

"Yes, but she is scared shitless, and I believe she is telling the truth"

"Bolton had a daughter, and he kept her a secret? How the fuck did he pulled that off for eighteen years?"

"Bolton really loved her. She wouldn't be crying like this if he had abused her or anything. Maybe, he wanted to keep her safe from our world"


It would make sense. Bolton hiding away his daughter so men like us won't find her.

"What are you going to do with her?" Bianca asked

I haven't decided what I'm going to do with her just yet. I don't normally have to deal with a girl like this and I'm not even sure why I brought her to my house.

"I haven't decided yet"

Bianca nodded. "I can take her to my place if you want. You don't have to deal with her---"

I gave my head a gentle shake. "No, the girl stays here until I decide what I want to do with her"

"Yes, Don Niko"

"You can leave, Bianca. The maids are here if she needs anything"

Bianca nodded and left afterward. I stood there and watched her, the maids put shampoo in her hair, and she let them. After they were done, the maids asked her to step out of the bathtub. Slowly and cautiously she tried to stand up.

I heaved a sigh and turned to go to my study. I wasn't a fucking pervert, I wasn't going to stand there and watch her dressing up even though the thought was enticing but I left her room and let her do her thing.

Right now, I fucking had more important things to do.

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