Chapter 13



I didn't step out of my room yesterday, I stayed inside even though I was extremely hungry but still I didn't step outside of this bedroom door. There were no locks or bolts over it but the fear that has been engraved in my mind was too raw. I couldn't shake it off, even if I tried.

It was still early in the morning, and Nikolai or Scott hadn't come to my room. I brushed my teeth, showered, and dressed up in clean clothes. My stomach growled with hunger but I wrapped my arms around it, suppressing the sounds.

The door opened slightly and I got off my bed in a flash, my eyes tearing up again. I needed a list of rules, I needed to know what I can or can not do. Nikolai can't just expect me to know the rules of his house. He needs to tell me first, he needs to explain them to me.

If he had told me not to get out of my room, I would have never done it. I wasn't a brat, I would have listened to him.

I dropped my gaze to my feet, I didn't care if it angers him that
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Melissa Wilson
Her inner common sense didn't tell her to tell Niko what Scott did to her???

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