Chapter 16



IT'S BEEN A WEEK since I had a panic attack. I don't really remember anything, only Nikolai telling me to breathe and then putting me to bed gently.

I stayed in my room most of the time and didn't see Nikolai much. He was always working, so, we never really saw each other. I hadn't even seen Bianca in a long time.

I attended the whole orientation week, for a beginner at life like myself, it was insanely informative.

Today was the first class of my freshmen year. I have chosen psychology as my major and I couldn't contain my excitement about it.

I wore a cute outfit, straightened my hair, and applied light makeup. All of the stuff has been bought for me by Nikolai. We haven't even seen each other for the past week but his employees regularly update my closet, makeup, and every single female necessity.

After I had told Nikolai that I don't want Scott to be my driver for college, he assigned one of his drivers to take me to college, his name was Marco. This one w
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