Chapter 17



"I need to talk to you, Nikolai"

He tilted his head to the side, dark amusement spread over his face. "I'm listening"

I didn't want to believe that Nikolai was that person. That he killed or whatever the mob bosses do but some part of me always got nervous around his dark aura. There was something about his eyes that told me that everything I read on the internet and what my friends told me was true. Nikolai Costello was a ruthless man.

I opened my mouth and then contemplated what I should ask first. Are you a mob boss? Is that what I should ask? Or people told me who you are and that kill people for a living... That sounds wrong and mean, so, I settled for the first question.

"What is a Mafia?" I asked

He chuckled, darkly and lowly. "Why do you want to know?"

Nikolai rarely laughed but whenever he did, it sent chills down my spine.

"My friends... said something about you... They said you are a head of a mafia family and... they said that you kill people..."
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Melissa Wilson
Marco should have known better. He should've double checked with Niko and definitely not leave her at that party!

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