Chapter 18



I have seen some teen movies, the high school ones and I always thought that maybe they exaggerated everything in the movies. The high school parties in movies were wild and I used to think how can teenagers be this crazy? I wasn't, I couldn't pull something like that off even if I tried, so, how can people my age do all this?

But now as I looked at the frat house before me all the flashbacks of the movie parties flashed across my mind. It looked so out of control, I clutched the cover-up and took a small step toward the frat house.

I still had insecurities, fears, and anxieties and all of them washed over me with full force. People were making out, jumping in the pool from over the roof of the house, and alcohol was everywhere. Beer cans and bottles sprawled across the crowded lawn.

I looked around for Jake, Wade, Stacy, and Brittany. Hoping to find even one of them. All the girls were in bikinis and the boys were in shorts. I spotted Jake as he stepped out of
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Keely Rae
Bahah right?! The feeling is INTENSE right now with the tension! Eeee
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Melissa Wilson
I'm almost scared to treat the next chapter.
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Dean ph
This chapter was insane ...

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