Chapter 121



"Is Nikolai going to be there?" I asked Bianca as I ran my hand through my wet hair, blow-drying them.

Today was my twenty-first birthday. Bianca being a party animal as always decided to throw another party for me. Sometimes I think she just needs a reason for partying, nothing else. I really didn't want another party after what went down last time. Also, Nikolai still hadn't wished me.

Ugh! I don't know why I keep wanting him and pushing him away at the same time, my indecisiveness was getting on my own nerves. I really don't know what I wanted. One second I want him and the next second I remember what I went through because of him and that scenario ends in a comatose.

Bianca was laying on my bed, over her stomach applying nail polish over her fingernails as she blew on them. "I don't know..."

I raised an eyebrow, her tone seemed way too carefree to talk about Nikolai. "What do you mean, you don't know? Aren't we going to his nightclub?"

She looked at me an
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