Chapter 122



A huge cake was brought out, and Nikolai handed me a sword-like knife as I cut into it. His hand was glued to my back the whole night, he didn't let me out of his sight not even for a moment.

Bianca grinned at me as I put a piece of cake in Nikolai's mouth. He deliberately sucked on my fingers and then winked at me.

I met with Aaron after ages, I had met him once before in Sicily when Nikolai took me to the woods to shoot Grace. I stand corrected in my statement that Aaron is still my favorite Costello of all—second to Bianca of course.

"Happy Birthday, Mrs. Costello"

I turned and saw Lorenzo with a gift in his hands. I pulled myself out of Nikolai's grip and jumped into his arms. "Thank you, Lorenzo!"

"Here's your gift" he pushed it into me; he didn't hug me back as usual.

"Thank you..." I took it and as I was about to hand it to a maid to put it with the mountain of gifts I had received tonight, Lorenzo stopped me.

"Open it"

I smiled, shaking my head, I
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Ogechi Consance
very good, I like
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Maria L Garcia
Shouldn't it said the end, There finally together.
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Yasssss omg yesss !!!!!!!!!! Love it

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