Chapter 126



"I wish you were here, mamma" I whispered as I rolled her diamond ring between my fingers, the same ring I bought for her from Sicily. She would have loved Evangeline.

"Ready, Asshole?" Scott's voice resounded in the room.

I turned and saw Scott and Bianca, she grinned widely at me and ran up to me. She stepped closer to me and pin a white rose boutonnière to the lapel of my tuxedo. She stepped back and smiled with satisfaction. "Now you look perfect! I'm gonna go check on the bride" saying that, she trotted out of the room leaving me alone with Scott.

"What is it, Shitface?"

"Nervous?" he asked, raising an eyebrow.

I furrowed my eyebrows as I realized I wasn't fucking nervous at all. When I was about to get fake-married to Grace, I was going fucking crazy and the thought that Evangeline would be sitting with the guest made me lose my shit but today... I was about to get married to my wife and I felt content, relaxed, and calm.

I clicked my tongue. "Not even a li
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Comments (5)
goodnovel comment avatar
Will there be another update or was this the finale?
goodnovel comment avatar
Rocky Moore
This was beautiful but I wanted to know was her uncle ok with her being back together with her husband. Since she was the only family he had left. And thank you for that beautiful ending, and I was hoping for a lil baby lol
goodnovel comment avatar
Melissa Wilson
Yes! Finally truly married, without force!

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