"Please, please, have mercy..." he groaned out, he could barely breathe but I didn't care as I jabbed another needle into his neck.

I frowned, mockingly. "How can I? You don't fucking deserve it!" saying that, I slammed a plier onto his nose, probably breaking it.

He let out gibberish as blood trailed down his nose, filling his mouth, and making him gag on it.

I was in the tunnels under our mansion, torturing our captives—the ones who deserves it anyway. My hair was in a messy bun and I was wearing a light pink summer dress which was now covered in blood, filthy blood.

My husband has gone out of the country leaving me alone with these imbeciles and Lorenzo.

I went into the corner to get the toolkit when Lorenzo appeared beside me in a flash. "Let me get this for you"

I smiled as we walked back to the man I was torturing. Phew! Even walking is a chore for me nowadays.

Lorenzo opened the kit and before me; laid beautiful, the shiniest, and the sharpest blades

Here's the final chapter of Nikolai and Evangeline's story! I wasn't planning on making Evangeline pregnant but so many of you asked for it, so, here it is! Thank you for all the support. Don't forget to scroll down and read the announcement. I have got a surprise for you all! xoxo

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Great read! I couldn’t stop reading. Love it and can’t wait to read your other novels.
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very well done kept me on my toes all the way through very emotion Rollercoaster book thanks for sharing your a talented author wishing you all the best of imagination and inspiration this life time through
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Is it possible for us to get a bonus chapter of her and Nikolai with the baby maybe???

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