Martina sat in front of her mirror, her eyes were shut and she kept still so her immediate sister, Caterina could work magic on her face.

“You know, I trust your makeup skills but why am I so nervous?” She asked and Caterina chuckled.

“You are going on a very dangerous mission, you are nervous about the outing, not my makeup.” Caterina said and Martina sighed.

“I have everything I need in place, I’ll be fine. Martina this isn’t your first time, be bold and sexy.” She said and Caterina laughed.

“I am done, you can open your eyes now.” Caterina said moving away and standing at the back of Martina.

Martina opened her eyes and stared at herself in the mirror. She looked at Caterina and they smiled at the same time.

“What is going on in that pretty mind of yours?” Caterina asked and Martina looked at herself again.

“I love the look so much, light and super beautiful. Thank you Cate, I know I can always count on you.” Martina said standing up. She gave her a slight hug and then reached for her leather boots.

She wore her boots and moved the chair away from mirror so she could see the whole of her.

“Don’t you think this is too exposing?” Caterina asked as she helped her sister pull the ropes that were used to pull her hold her breasts in her crop top.

“This is the perfect dressing for tonight, trust me I know exactly what I am doing.” Martina affirmed.

“I do trust you, but I’m just concerned you could pull the attention of other men instead of the person you want.” Caterina stated.

“That would be a plus to everything I have planned.” She said picking up her purse. She turned in front of the mirror to check out her booty.

“The shorts makes them look spicer.” Martina uttered and her sister laughed hard.

“The longer you keep staring at yourself, the higher the chances of you missing your target today. Get into your car now, and drive there!” Caterina told and Martina nodded rushing to the door.

“I’m leaving already… take care of yourself sister. Everything you need is at home, and if you get bored you know who to call.” Martina stated and winked at her.

“I am not calling Pablo! I’m still very much pissed at him. I won’t call him until he buys me flowers!” Caterina yelled and she didn’t hear any response from Martina anymore. She figured she left the house already, and she sighed sitting on the bed.


Martina got to the bar and parked her car at the road side. She looked at the signboard on the bar and then at the entrance. She saw some bouncers at the door, they stopped some people from going in.

She lifted her spirit, wore her eyeglasses and walked majestically to the entrance.

Two of them stopped her and they stared at her like they were expecting something from her. She smiled and dipped her hands into bag.

She pulled out some cash and stretched it to them, the men exchanged looks and looked at her again.

“We don’t do that here, you don’t have your card… please step aside and let others come forward.” They said and Martina swallowed hard.

Alberto never told her she needed a card. “Why would he make such a mistake?” She thought. She thought of other ways to get in, but nothing was coming to her head at that very moment. She felt so embarrassed.

She was about stepping aside when someone put his hand on her shoulder and stretched a card to the bouncers.

“She is with me.” He said and she turned to look at him. This was the first time she was seeing him, but she had to act like she knew him too so she could get it.

“Go on.” One of the bouncers said and they gave way for the both of them to enter the bar. They could hear the loud music before entering the main bar.

“Thank you so much! You saved my ass back there!” Martina yelled in the stranger’s ear because of the loud music.

“It’s nothing, I had no choice than to help a beautiful lady like you! What’s your name?” He asked putting his hands around her waist making her gulp irritatedly.

“I am Martina.” She responded and he licked his lips checking her out.

“I am Rocco. Are you here alone?” He asked and she nodded searching around the bar for Roberto. The place still looked peaceful , so she felt he had not arrived.

“So you just came to drink?!” He asked in a loud tone in her ear and she smiled faintly sitting down.

“Not really! I am expecting someone!” She replied in a loud tone too. He was beginning to irritate her, she wanted him to leave her alone.

“Why would that person let a beautiful girl like you come here alone? This place isn’t a very safe place for women! But don’t worry, I’d take care of you okay?!” He said to her and she replied with a faint smile.

“Where the f**k are you Roberto?” She thought holding her purse firmly, she moved her legs rapidly like she wasn’t comfortable staying around Rocco.

“What would you like to have?! The Limoncello here is super great!” He said and she bobbed.

“I’d have one then. Thank you.” She said. He stood up and walked up to the bar man, Martina picked up her phone and sent a text to Alberto.

“It’s 9pm already and the asshole is yet to show up, I hope I don’t come here in vain.” She sent and waited for his response.

His response came in almost immediately.

“He should be there, be a little patient okay? I’m so sorry.” Alberto texted back and she sighed after reading it.

She threw her phone into her purse, and when she looked up, she saw Rocco approaching her again. She shut her eyes tight in frustration, and smiled all of a sudden when he got to her.

“Here, I’m sorry I took so much time, there were lot of orders on ground.” He explained and Martina nodded looking at the drink.

She wasn’t paying any attention to him, all she wanted at that moment was to see Roberto walk in with his men.

She took a sip of her Limoncello and she shut her eyes because of the intense flavor of lemon in it.

“You like it yeah?!” Rocco asked in a loud voice sitting very close to her. She nodded, and held the cup with her two hands. She looked up again, and this time she saw some group of people coming in. Her eyes widened as she knew it was the one person she had been expecting the whole night.

Her gaze fell on Roberto and it was like her heart skipped. Her heart began to beat very fast as she watched up walk up to another empty couch. It seemed to her like the couch was preserved for him.

Her eyes went with him all the way from the door, down to where he sat. The men that followed  behind him were about seven to eight and they were on uniform.

He sat and two of his men approached the bar to get his drink. She watched them closely and she found out that the men were the ones that served themselves.

“They are super careful, makes a whole lot of sense.” Martina thought as she kept her 100% attention on them.

She watched the one that made the drink and he seemed like an expert. She watched him mix the drink and she also didn’t forget to look at Roberto.

He had this dark shades on, so she wasn’t sure where and who he was looking at. He had a straight face and the rest of his escorts stood next to him with a straight face too.

“…are you listening to me at all?!” She heard Rocco yell all of a sudden and she turned to look at him.

“I’m so sorry, but do you know where the rest room is?” She asked in his ear and he sighed and pointed to a door next to where Roberto sat.

“That door leads to the restroom.” He replied and she smiled faintly. She looked at Roberto again, and her feet wobbled.

“You shouldn't go there.” He added and she turned to look at him immediately.

“Why?” She asked.

“Because you can see he is there already. You can use the restroom after her has left, or rather go outside the bar. It will be so disrespectful to him for you to use the restroom when he is seated next to the door.” Rocco explained to her loudly and she scoffed.

“Then why didn’t he take the couch somewhere else?! I am using that restroom and nothing is going to happen!” She responded loudly and he sighed.

She exhaled and stood up all of a sudden.

“Don’t stay too long okay?!” Rocco yelled but she didn’t pay any attention to him. With the drink still in her hand, she walked down to the door. She kept her face straight and acted as she had never heard of him before.

She was almost at the door when one of Roberto’s men stopped in front of her making her stop. Her breath ceased but she kept her cool. She heard the music go down and she knew she drew everyone’s attention already, even better.

“You can’t use this place… please go back.” He said trying to be polite but Martina wasn’t in for any of that.

“I want to use the restroom, is there anyone in there?” She asked making sure she didn’t look at Roberto the whole time she spoke.

“This place is always out of use until we are out of here, please go back.” He stated again and Martina scoffed.

“Don’t tell me that. You came here to have fun right? I am also here to have fun, I have every right to use the restroom because it’s a public one.” She argued and this made Roberto look at her for the first time.

“Ma’am please do as he said and move back, we don’t want any troubles but that is how it is done here.” Another escort of Roberto intervened.

“Well I’m so sorry for not knowing that but this is my first time here. I don’t know how it’s done, but I need you to understand I don’t care who you are, I need to f**king pee!” She yelled and she began to breathe very hard.

“Oh my…” Rocco whispered running to where she stood.

“We should leave now, we can go to another bar. He is staring at you already, everyone is staring and making live videos. Stop acting stubborn and come with me, right now…” Rocco whispered in her ears.

“She is new here, I’m so sorry for her behavior.” He said holding her hand firmly and pulling her away.

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