6. (“I’M DOOMED”)

“… isn’t it high time you moved? It’s been almost a week you stayed in Italy. The police could be planning something new, they have a new detective.” Vincenzo told as they sat at Capri island.

They had few Italian people around, travelers ,and a woman which happened to be Vincenzo’s maid served them the Rossini recipe, it was Vincenzo’s preference.

“Vincenzo, I’d move when I want to. I have some things I have to do in Italy before I move and getting Lorenzo Ferrari is part of it.” Roberto muttered sipping his drink.

“So I got some information about him, he is coming back to town in two days, he is coming back because his daughter is in town. The name of his daughter is Greta Ferrari, just finished college education, and she has a fiancée Matteo Bruno. He is the head of the local mafia in Bologna, very brutal but loves his woman so much.” Vincenzo explained while Roberto stared at him paying rapt attention.

“I don’t care who her fiancée is, he is the head of the local mafia so what?” Roberto asked and Vincenzo sighed.

“I was just stating all I know. What do you want to do about him? You would have to wait two more days before he comes back.” Vincenzo told.

“He lives in Bologna too, I won’t wait until he comes back, I’ll pull him down here whenever I want.” Roberto uttered sipping from his drink again.

“How do you intend doing that?” Vincenzo asked.

“I’ll go for his daughter.” Roberto replied looking at the sea.

“What? That would be pretty difficult, there are lot of men around his house, it’s a danger zone. His men and Matteo’s men, they are dangerous set of humans.” Vincenzo confessed with worry.

“I am aware Vincenzo, he worked for my father for fifteen good years, I know how careful he always is. That is why I won’t be going to his house, it’s a stupid decision which I never thought of.” Roberto responses and Vincenzo gulped.

“I’m sorry boss, I was just worried about you.” Vincenzo mumbled picking up his drink.

“I need you to put a track on her, I need to know her movements every time, morning and night. We’ll get her outside her father's house, and you’ll help me with that. This isn’t the first bastard I’m dealing it, it shouldn’t be so hard.” Roberto said in an optimistic tone.

“Yes boss, we’ll get her… but can I ask you something?” He asked and Roberto looked at him, which meant he could go on.

“What do you plan on doing with her? Kill her?” Vincenzo inquired cracking his knuckles. He wasn’t sure of what he wanted to hear.

“Kill her if need be, rape her instead if I’m in a very good mood. Why do you care about what I do to her?” Roberto further inquired and Vincenzo shook his head.

“Nothing, I was just curious.” He responded smickering.

“Why? Are you worried for her too?” Roberto further grilled.

“What?! No, of course not.” Vincenzo refuted and Roberto smirked scrutinizing him.

“Good.” He finally voiced picking up his drink again.

“Do you want to talk about that b**ch? The one that created a scene in Almalu Trastevere, your favorite bar.” Vincenzo posed and Roberto scoffed.

“There is nothing to talk about, don’t you think?” Roberto made known and Vincenzo sat up.

“It is the talk in town, people are waiting to see your take on this issue.” Vincenzo expressed.

“Listen to me Vincenzo, it’s been ten years you have been working with me and you should have known by now that what people think or say doesn’t matter to me. I choose to deal with things my own way. Moreover, she is nobody, she isn’t worth my attention.” Roberto mentioned and Vincenzo concurred.

“True.” He muffled sipping his drink. Roberto stood up all of a sudden, he used his right hand to button his extravagant Dolce and Gabbana wine suit.

“Get back to me at night, I need to move as soon as possible.” Roberto declared before walking away.

His men followed behind him immediately and they walked him to his car. Vincenzo gazed at him until he was driven off the island.

“He can never stop scaring me… After good ten years of working for him.” Vincenzo Pondered in frustration after Roberto was finally gone.

Roberto sat in the car and pulled out the new cellphone he had picked before heading for the island. He got busy on his phone, checking the news, social media gist and all, when he looked up all of a sudden.

“How many hours before we get to Rome?” He asked.

“Three hours Boss.” His driver responded and he looked at his phone again. “Make it two hours, and once we get to Rome, head right to the largest pet store, I need a dog.” Roberto briefed and he got a nod from his driver and the escort that sat next to him in front.

The driver looked at his friend that sat next to him, and they both communicated using their eyes.


“So, where are you going now?” Alberto asked after they had finished talking about Roberto’s case.

“Home… where else do I want to go?” Martina asked and they both sniggered.

“That was a stupid question right?” Alberto asked and Martina squinted with a smile on her face.

“C’mon, that response was just a joke okay? Don’t take it too far.” Martina said humorously.

“Okay, if you say so.” He said with a broad smile.

“Maybe I’d just take a stroll around the city. Feed my eyes with something pleasant and then head back home after I get tired of it.” She clarified.

“I thought of the same thing, it would be better than you going home and having to stay home alone until Caterina comes back from school. But…” He enunciated but Martina butted in.

“I need to be careful.” She uttered and they both smiled coquettishly.

“Thank you so much for your concern Alberto. I’ll take my leave now.” She pronounced as she proceeded towards the door.

“Martina…” Alberto called and she stopped and turned to look at him.

“Yes.” She said with a feeble smile on her face.

“Thank you.” He stated and she nodded, she opened the door and walked out of the office. She rested her back on the door for some minutes, before heading out of the station.

She hopped into her car and ignited the engine. Alberto peered at her from his window and he watched her drive out of the premises.

He exhaled loudly and walked back to his chair. He sat and leaned on his chair completely. He shut his eyes and allowed himself remember those good memories he had with Martina.

Their first kiss, first sex… it was the best he has ever had. “Sometimes things just doesn’t go the way you want them.” He thought opening his eyes.

“Mr. Alberto” He heard someone call him from outside his door.

“Come in.” He answered pulling his chair closer to his desk, and picking some of the paperworks on his desk.

“Sir, your attention is needed. Another case just came up.” The cop said and Alberto braced his jaws.

“I’ll be there soon.” He told and the cop nodded walking out of the office. Alberto let out a sigh of frustration, but stood up afterwards.

“Nobody forced you to be a detective.” He said to himself most times so he wouldn’t complain.


Martina drove down to the Colosseum and parked her car in front. She alighted from her car and headed into the building. She had a very large smile on her face, it’s been years since she last saw the building.

There were some modifications already. She saw lots of Italian people, children and tourists. She walked inside the building, making a quick survey of it and comparing it to the last time she saw it.

She pulled out her phone at some points and began to take pictures of some changes features. “I can’t wait to show this to Caterina, she’d beg me to bring her here.” She muttered.

She reminisced about when she and Caterina were always brought there by their parents, they would run around and throw small stones at each other.

Tears filled her eyes as she remembered those moments of her life, they were the most beautiful moments.

She raised her phone once again and began to make a video of where she was. She turned in a 360 degree manner slowly so she could capture most of the details.

She was making her video and moving in circles, she collided with someone and her phone fell to the ground pretty hard.

“F**k!” She yelled and looked up to see it was a woman. She had two children with her.

“Oh my… I’m so sorry, these children keep putting me in trouble.” She said bending down to pick up Martina’s phone.

She checked the phone and saw it was broken. “Oh God, I’m so sorry.” She pleaded with so much regret and Martina beamed faintly.

“It’s fine.” She responded collecting the phone from her. Before the woman could say anything, the children ran off again.

“Oh God!!! Can't you stop running?! We are going home right now!” The woman yelled running after her children.

Martina scrutinized her phone and tried putting it on, but it was way too damaged to come on. She sighed and she got another flash back to the time she was running after Caterina and also collided with another child that was holding an ice cream, she began to cry and Martina was so unhappy she made her cry.

She put her phone in her pocket and walked out of the building. She headed to her car and sat in it. She took one last look at the building before driving off.

“Time to get a new phone.” She muttered. She hit the road and drove straight to a store to get a phone.

She walked into the store and pulled out her phone. She placed the phone on the table and one of the attendants took her phone and looked at it.

“Wow, this phone is super damaged.” He said and she nodded.

“I need a new one, this same brand but a different model.” She demanded and he nodded walking into the main store. She sighted a chair not too far from her, she pulled the chair to where she stood and sat on it waiting for him to get back.

He got back with a phone carton in his hand. She stood up and picked up the carton looking at it. It was the same Samsung brand but it was a Samsung Galaxy S9.

“How much is this?” She asked before she started opening the carton.

“469 Euros.” He responded and she nodded slightly. She reached inside her bag and took out her card.

She gave him the card and began to open the carton.

“Please can you help me get this phone to work? I have important things on it I’d love to transfer to the new one.” She told and he nodded.

“Sure, but this would take some minutes.” He said and she showed agreement.

“Please have your seat.” He added pointing to the chair she got up from.

“One more thing please, can I use the restroom? I’m pressed.” She said narrowing her eyes.

“I’m sorry ma’am but we don’t have a restroom here. Though, the next two buildings after this one have a restroom, but you’d have to tip them first.” He said and she consented.

“Alright, thank you so much. I’d be back soon.” She said carrying her bag and walking out of the store. She walked down the street following the description of the attendant.

She got to the second building and was about moving to the next when something beautiful caught her attention.

“Dogs!” She said happily. They put some of them in cages, and arranged them in the show room. A small white chow chow puppy caught her attention.

“Look at you.” She said moving closer and bending over to have a closer look. She beamed largely as she stared at the dog.

“You’ll be mine soon.” She uttered walking into the store. She walked up the man that was behind the counter. He looked like he was in his sixties.

“Good day sir.” She greeted with a bright face.

“Good day Miss, how may I help you?” He answered in a very loving manner.

“I’d love to have that white chow chow by the show-glass ,I love it so much.” She pronounced and he laughed happily.

“Who wouldn’t love a white chow chow?” He said walking out of the counter and they both walked to the dog’s cute cage.

He carried the dog out of the cage and gave it to her. She carried it with so much joy, and even sniffed it’s body.

“It’s a she.” The man told.

“She is so beautiful, and smells pretty nice too. How much is she?” She asked still sniffing and kissing her body.

“475 Euros.” He told and she nodded using her left hand to reach into her bag.

“I’ll pay for her.” She said passing him her card and they both walked to the counter again.

“I’ll give you a discount, you are the first person to purchase a dog from me today.” He told and she nodded happily.

“Here, I removed 470 Euros and this is your receipt.” He said and she reached for the receipt and her card.

“And if I want to get the cage?” She asked.

“That is 100 Euros ma’am.” He said and she passed the card to him again.

“I’ll have it too!” She uttered excitedly. He went to get the cage and he came back briskly, she put the dog in the cage and carried it in her hand.

He passed her card to her again after the transaction, she was about leaving when she saw cars park in front of the store all of a sudden.

She creased her brows and took a minute to observe what was going on. She saw some men climb down the cars and waiting at the door of the car in front.

She saw Roberto climb down his car and she felt her heart stop, her eyes widened as she saw him approach the door of the store.

“I am doomed!” She yelled in her head.

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She’s really doomed ... Let’s see the outcome ......

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