They got into the club and met the ladies dancing and shouting, some were at the corners of the club, kissing and smooching.

“I love this!” Martina screamed in Caterina’s ear and Caterina laughed.

“It’s time to mingle, get a drink and dance!” Caterina yelled and they began to scream. They joined the crowd and began to dance.

Martina walked to the bar to order some drinks for Caterina and herself.

“What do you want miss?” The bartender asked and Martina shrugged.

“I don’t know! Give me anything that would make me go wild!” Martina screamed in his ear and he looked at her with a grin on his face.

He reached for the shelf and picked up some bottles. Martina turned to look at Caterina said she saw her dancing with some ladies. They seemed to be having so much fun.

Occasionally, they would say things into their ears and laugh.

There was a particular girl there that kept saying things into Caterina’s ear, Martina guessed it was Caterina’s classmate. They seemed pretty close compared to the other ladies.

“There you go miss.” The bartender said and Martina turned to look at him.

“Gracias.” She responded and he smiled gazing at her alluringly.

Martina carried the cups and walked up to Caterina who was still dancing.

“Here…” Martina said aloud and Caterina took one of the cups from her.

“Thank you! Maria, this is my sister Martina. Martina, my classmate and best friend Maria.” Caterina introduced and took a sip of her drink.

“Nice to meet you Martina, Caterina would never stop talking about you. You are very beautiful.” Maria flattered and Martina blushed slightly.

“Nice to meet you too Maria, and I must confess you look ravishing too.” Martina responded and Maria smiled biting her lower lip.

Martina took a sip from her drink and began to dance to the song the DJ played. Maria stole glances of Martina as she danced, she admired her large and sexy curves.

“Why are you staring at my sister like that?” Caterina asked teasingly.

“F**k she is so sexy.” Maria responded and Caterina laughed taking another gulp from her cup.

“My sister isn’t bi or gay. She is straight.” Caterina informed and Maria smiled looking at her.

“It doesn’t matter. I’d try to shoot my shot, it’s better than assuming.” Maria made known and Caterina threw her hands in the air.

“I wish you good luck!” Caterina responded and started dancing and jumping again. Martina after dancing for a while, walked to the bartender to get another cup. She was full of excitement and she didn’t want that to die down.

“Another one! The same mixture please…” She ordered and the bartender nodded with a beam of smile.

She sat on the stool in from of the bar waiting for him, the music hit her even when she was seated and she began to dance.

Two ladies came to order some drinks and they saw her dancing with her eyes shut.

“She is having so much fun.” One of them said and the other consented grinning widely. She moved closer to Martina and tapped her on the shoulders.

Martina opened her eyes and stopped dancing after seeing the person that tapped her.

“You are having so much fun.” She said and Martina chuckled.

“The music, drink… they all hit differently.” Martina uttered swaying her head again.

“I’m Greta. I organized this party.” Greta said stretching her hands to Martina.

“Really? You are the friend of a friend. Thank you for organizing this party tonight, I needed this more than anything else in the world.” She responded leaving Greta’s hand hanging.

Instead of an handshake, Martina stood up and opened her arms. She moved closer to Greta and pulled her into a tight hug.

Greta laughed very hard after she hugged her, and she hugged her too. “You’re are very much welcomed.” Greta responded and Martina bobbed.

She sat on the chair again and picked up her drink, the bartender was done mixing it.

“She seems drunk.” The other lady said in Greta’s ear and Greta agreed.

“And she looks so cute. She also looks familiar, I don’t know if I have met her before.” Greta uttered aloud. Martina stood up and danced back to where Caterina and Maria was.

Greta watched her and after she saw Caterina with her, she smiled widely.

“I knew it, she is Caterina’s sister. She must be her elder sister because Caterina talks about her a lot.” Greta told.

“You don’t know her name?” The other lady asked.

“Caterina calls her Martina, but she didn’t tell me her name so I’m not so sure.” Greta said. She turned to look at the bartender saying no words and he nodded understanding what she wanted to order.

“You should ask for her name. You seem interested in her.” Her friend suggested and Greta sighed.

“I don’t think that is a good idea. I promised Matteo I’d never cheat on him after he caught me cheating on him with his beautiful secretary.” Greta told sadly.

“C’mon Greta, I’m not saying you should have an affair with her. You can just have a one night thing with her.She is very beautiful and she’ll taste very nice too, can’t you see her curves?” Her friend told and Greta sighed staring at Martina again.

“Fine. I’ll try to talk to her.” Greta said and her friend leaped for joy.

“Good. I’ll leave you to that.” She said winking at Greta before she walked away.

Caterina felt someone tap her shoulders all of a sudden and she turned back to see Pablo standing in front of her, with a bunch of flower in his hand.

“I’m sorry Caterina… I brought you flowers.” Pablo said smiling, and Caterina chuckled.

She hugged him tightly and he wrapped his hands around her waist.

“I want to take you somewhere.” He said in her ear and she looked at him narrowing her gaze.

“Where are we going?” She asked anxiously.

“You’ll know when we get there. Let’s get out of here.” He said with a grin on his face.

“I’ll have to tell Maria and Martina I’d be leaving. I’ll meet you outside okay?” She told and he bobbed. He kissed her forehead and walked out of the club.

Caterina saw Martina and Maria dancing together, they were having so much fun. She wanted to stay with them, but it’s Pablo we are talking about here.

“Hey guys! I have to go now. Pablo is here with flowers, he wants to take me somewhere.” Caterina told.

“Hmmm.” They both responded raising their eyebrows.

“Stop looking at me like that you two! Take care of yourself. Martina please don’t drink too much or you won’t be able to drive yourself home.” Caterina said as she gave the both of them a hug.

Caterina gave Maria a wink before finally walking away.

After some minutes Caterina left, Martina was feeling so pressed and she needed to pee.

“I wanna pee!” She said to Maria.

“You have to go outside, let’s go. I’ll go with you.” Maria said holding her hand and pulling her out of the club.

They got outside and Martina lifted her face to the heavens and breathed in.

“Fresh air.” She muttered smiling widely.

“You can do it here.” Maria said to her and she nodded. She raised up her gown and pulled down her panties. Maria gazed at her as she bent down to pee, she couldn’t get her eyes off Martina’s backside.

“Done.” Martina said pulling up her panties and adjusting her gown. She turned and stumbled on a small rock next to her.

She almost fell to the ground but Maria grabbed her on time.

“Are you alright?” Maria asked looking at Martina’s face. Martina tried standing upright and she nodded.

“I’m okay, thank you.” She responded smiling.

“You are tipsy. You should head back home.” Maria advised and Martina shook her head.

“I’m not tipsy Maria, and I don’t want to go home now. Let’s go back in and have some more fun before we leave.” Martina replied and Maria nodded reluctantly.

They walked back to the door of the club, and Maria noticed something. She saw some cars pull up in front of the club.

“Who are these?” She asked aloud and Martina looked up. Immediately she saw the cars, her eyes widened and became clear all of a sudden.

“Roberto?” She called in terror and quickly hid behind the huge trash cans next to them.

“Roberto? The Mafia Lord?” Maria asked in awe and Martina nodded placing her finger on her mouth.

“Keep quiet.” Martina stated and Maria nodded as they both watched what was about to happen.

They saw Roberto’s men alight and walk to the club in their uniforms. The one in front stopped abruptly and the remaining four behind him stopped. The one in front had earphones in his ears and at some point, they saw him touch the earphones.

“Okay sir.” He uttered and Martina furrowed her brows. She realized Roberto wasn’t with them; but one of the cars was still locked. No one alighted from this particular car.

“Roberto is in that car.” Martina told herself fearfully.

“Greta Ferrari is wearing a blue gown, with a golden shoe. Her hair is packed in a ponytail, we can’t make any mistakes or we are dead.” The man in front said to the others and Martina’s heart skipped.

“Greta Ferrari? She is my friend. She is the one that organized the party.” Maria uttered fearfully and Martina nodded as she recalled when she introduced herself to her.

“We need to help Greta immediately. Where is the back door?” Martina asked and Maria stood up.

“This way.” She said running to the other side of the club. Martina followed behind her running with her back bent.

They got into the club from the back door and began to look for Greta. “I’ll look in the restrooms.” Martina said and before they could split up, they saw Greta coming out of the restroom.

“Greta! We need to leave now!” Martina said to her and didn’t even allow her say a word before pulling her out of the club through the back door.

“What’s going on?” She asked as they ran far away from the club.

“Roberto is after you. Maria, can you drive?” Martina asked in an haste and she nodded.

“Good, my car is parked not so far from where Roberto’s cars are parked. I need you to drive the car down here, he can’t see me.” She said throwing her keys at Maria and she ran to get the car.

“Roberto? The mafia lord? What does he want with me?” Greta asked in fear.

“I have no idea, but all I know is that you need to get the hell out of here.” Martina said waiting impatiently for Maria to pull up.

Soon, the car pulled up in front of them and they both ran to the car. They hopped into the car and Maria passed the key to Martina.

“I left my bag inside the club, and there are important things in it. I can’t leave it there, you should get her out of here.” Maria said alighting.

“Are you sure you’ll be fine?” Martina asked fearfully.

“I would be fine. He doesn’t want me, he wants Greta. Go! Now!” Maria smacked and Maria moved to the driver’s seat.

She ignited the engine and drove out of the vicinity in a very great speed.

“F**k this was a bad idea.” Martina muttered. She was beginning to regret coming to the club in the first place.

“What was a bad idea? Helping me?” Greta asked.

“No! Coming here. I just intervened in Roberto’s plans, he would skin me alive if he catches me.” Martina uttered hitting the steering in anger.

“I’m sorry.” Greta uttered in tears and Martina looked at her through the interior mirror and felt bad for yelling at her.

“It’s not your fault. I’m taking you to my house now, he knows your house already and taking you there is a very bad idea.” Martina told and Greta nodded cleaning her eyes.

“Switch off your phone now.” Martina ordered and Greta consented. She picked up her phone and switched it off.

Martina looked at her cross bag that was on her and then at Greta again.

“Get my phone out of this bag and put a call across to Alberto.” Martina told and Greta reached for her bag immediately.

She put a call across to Alberto and Martina connected it to her car speaker.

“Martina… you are back from the party?” Alberto asked in a lively tone.

“Alberto I need you to come to my house as soon as possible. I’m in deep shit.” Martina told in a shaky voice.

“I’m on my way!” Alberto told and he hung up the call.

“We’ll be fine.” Martina said looking at Greta through the mirror and Greta bobbed fearfully.

“I should call my Dad.” She said picking up her phone.

“No! Don’t call anyone yet, you are his target. He can track your phone calls.” Martina informed and Greta dropped her phone and began to weep.

“I’m so scared.” She mumbled.

“I know. But don’t be scared okay? We’ll help you.” Martina assured and Greta bobbed in tears.

“We?” Greta asked and Martina nodded. “Alberto and I.” She answered.

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