“What is taking so long? They should be out already.” Roberto sneered and Vincenzo supported. He touched his EarPods and spoke up.

“What is going on in there… Why isn’t she out here yet?” Vincenzo asked in a hoarse voice.

“We have a problem.” They told and Roberto glared at Vincenzo. He clenched his fist hard, waiting to hear what the problem was.

“What is the problem?” Vincenzo questioned in a croaky tone.

“She isn't here anymore, she left already.” They told and Roberto removed the earphones in his ears and threw them away in anger, making those in the car flinch. They became so scared, and they kept mute.

“She left? Or she ran away?” Vincenzo asked and they gave him no response.

“Check all the camera footage right now! Chase everyone out of there, that is enough partying for tonight.” Roberto ordered in a thick rusty voice.

He picked up a tobacco from the pouch at the back of the front seat. He opened the door of the car and alighted.

He slammed the door in anger and loosened the button of his suit. He moved the bottom of the suit backwards so he could reach for the lighter in his pocket.

He lighted the tobacco and took a puff from it to calm him down. He didn’t want to destroy everything in rage yet.

He looked at the club from where he stood, resting his back on the car. He waited impatiently for everyone to get out of the club.

Vincenzo also descended from the car, he inhaled and exhaled deeply before walking to where Roberto smoked.

They both watched the ladies and some guys walk out of the club murmuring things to themselves in anger. Roberto was very aware that was as a result of the order he gave.

Soon, people stopped coming out of the club and Vincenzo touched his EarPods.

“All cleared?” He asked and he looked at Roberto.

“The club is empty, except for the manager who is acting stubborn, he has been tied up though.” Vincenzo informed and Roberto nodded.

He threw the tobacco in his hand on the floor, and crushed it with his exotic shoes. It was one of the most expensive shoe collections of the Bolvaint brand.

He walked majestically to the club, his hands were in his pockets and his dark shades were on. Vincenzo followed right after him, keeping his head up.

He got into the club and it was totally empty, except for his men and the stubborn manager.

“Roberto.” The manager called in terror immediately he saw him walk in.

“He had no idea… stupid man.” Vincenzo muttered feeling sympathetic for him.

“We have the videos from the footage sir. Someone helped her escape.” Greco revealed passing the iPad to Roberto.

Bruno found a chair and placed it next to  Roberto so he could sit. Roberto sat on the chair, Vincenzo moved closer to him and stood beside him.

He sat upright with one foot planted on the ground firmly and half of his other foot was resting on the foot planted on the ground.This was Roberto’s best way to sit.

He played the video from the footage and watched it closely.He saw in the video that two people ran out of the club through the back door with Greta.

He zoomed in and saw their faces clearly.

“This b**ch.” He screeched and Vincenzo lowered his face to also take a look.

“This girl… the lady from the bar?” Vincenzo said and Roberto was beginning to shake his legs in wrath.

“What do we do?” Vincenzo asked looking at Roberto. All this while, the manager sat quietly staring at Roberto.

Roberto looked at him through his shades, still shaking his leg.

“I need to know everything about her! Find her and bring her to me! If you don’t… I am going to kill you.” Roberto threatened and Vincenzo’s heart skipped a beat.

He gulped hard and took the phone away from him. Roberto stood up and and adjusted his suit before walking out of the club.

“What do we do to the manager?” One of his men asked.

“He isn’t my business. Do whatever you want with him.” Roberto ordered without looking back. They looked at Vincenzo who was like a second commander to them, and he sighed.

“Let him go, We have bigger problems.” Vincenzo responded walking out of the club too.


Martina got home and parked the car in front of the house.

“C’mon on.“ She said to Greta as they both alighted. They walked to the door and Martina let her in first, she looked around the house and down the streets before she also entered the house and locked the door.

Greta checked out Martina’s living room and she smiled largely. The interior décor looked very simple and organized.

“Would you like some coffee?” Martina asked dropping her bag on the couch.

“Yes, but I’d love to make it myself.” She told and Martina arched her brows.

“Why? You don’t trust me to make it the way you always like it?” Martina stated and Greta bobbed.

“No one has ever gotten how I love to make my coffee.” She informed and Martina nodded. She led the way to the kitchen and Greta followed behind her.

They got to the kitchen, and after Martina was done making hers, she let Greta prepare hers also. After she was done, they both leaned on the kitchen cabinet and sipped their coffee quietly.

“Do you have any idea why he would be after you?” Martina queried and Greta exhaled, she placed her cup on the cabinet and looked at Martina.

“Yes. But I’m not so sure about what I’m thinking.” She asserted and Martina raised her shoulders.

“It doesn’t matter whether you are sure or not. Tell me.” Martina told.

“I think it has to do with Matteo or my Dad.” She uttered.

“Matteo? Who is Matteo?” Martina asked taking another sip from her coffee.

“My fiancée. He is the head of the local mafia in Bologna.” Greta told and Martina shut her eyes and let out a sigh.

“So that is why he is after you? Can’t he just go for Matteo instead?” Martina asked though she wasn’t expecting an answer to that question from her.

“I have no idea. Maybe he is scared of Matteo, or my Dad probably.” She added and Martina creased her brows.

“Your Dad?” Martina inquired and Greta nodded.

“My Dad worked with Roberto’s father when he was still alive. Maybe that is what this is about too, I’m not sure. I don’t know why he can’t just go to them instead… why me? Is he scared?” Greta asked Martina and she scoffed.

“I don’t think scared is the word. Roberto Galante is never scared of anyone. I think he is trying to play smart. Smart is the word.” Martina outlined.

“Smart? Why would you think it’s smart of him to come after me instead? I don’t know anything about all these. He can’t get anything for me…” Greta uttered and Martina butted in.

“… but he would get the attention of your father and Matteo. Greta, he knows you are their weakness and once they know he has you, they have no choice other than do as they are told.” Martina explained.

Greta began to breathe hard, she kept ruminating over what Martina said and she became more terrified.

“What do I do?” Greta mumbled in tears and Martina felt bad for her. She was about holding her hands and consoling her when she heard her doorbell ring.

“Alberto is here.” Martina uttered running to the door. She opened up and saw Alberto at the door.

“Come in.” She stated and he walked into the house instantly. Martina locked the door and turned to look at Alberto who was looking at her too.

“Talk to me.” Alberto ordered.

“I saved one of Roberto’s targets, she is in my kitchen as we speak.” Martina summarized and Alberto’s eyes widened in disbelief.

“What? Martina! What did you do?” He questioned in terror.

“I couldn’t but help her. She was so nice to me when we talked, I overheard Roberto’s men talking about her so I helped her escape through the back door.” Martina further explained.

“F**k Martina! You have pulled his full attention now, this time with his anger.” Alberto voiced and Martina’s heart began to beat very fast.  

“Tell me what to do Alberto! I’m about to lose it!” Martina yelled in a shaky voice.

“Okay… wait, calm down. Breathe…” He told and Martina gulped hard. She inhaled and exhaled trying to stay calm.

“Were you seen by anyone?” Alberto asked and she shook her head.

“Not that I remember.” She responded and he nodded as he began to pace.

“That is a relief. Which of the club was this party held again?” Alberto asked and Martina hit her head.

“I didn’t take note! I was so happy to get in that I didn’t bother to look.” She muttered within gritted teeth.

“Shari Vari…” Greta answered from where she stood at the Kitchen door. Alberto and Martina turned to look at her and she lowered her head fearfully.

“… that is the name of the club.” Greta revealed. Alberto threw a punch in the air trying not to yell.

“What is it Alberto?” Martina asked as they both looked at him fearfully.

“He knows you rescued her. There are CCTV cameras all over that club house. Roberto is smart, he must have checked it and must have seen you.” Alberto revealed.

“F**k! This isn’t what I planned. Oh God, I’m dead, he is going to kill me right?” Martina mumbled as tears rolled down her cheeks.

“No. We are going to sort this out, but I just need some time to think. To figure all these out.” Alberto said sitting on the couch and holding his head in his hand.

Martina looked at Greta and saw she was crying profusely.

“We should run away… Tonight! We can’t stay here till tomorrow, he will find us.” Martina suggested in a rush.

“Run to where?” Alberto asked and Martina shrugged.

“I don’t know! Somewhere… far away from here! Somewhere he doesn’t know of.” Martina responded.

“I know of a place!” Greta cut in and they both looked at where.

“Where?” Alberto asked.

“Parma. My Grandma from my mother’s side lives there. Roberto would never find us there.” Greta affirmed and Alberto looked at Martina.

“What do you think?” Alberto asked.

“How many hours drive?” Martina asked looking at Greta.

“Less than six hours drive. We can get there before day break if we leave now.” Greta made known.

“Then we leave now.” Martina said to Alberto.

“What of your Caterina? She can’t stay here because Roberto would get a hold of her and would use her against you.” Alberto told and Martina eyes widened.

She almost forgot she had a sister who was still out there and she had no idea where she was.

“Oh no… Pablo came to pick her from the party! I have no idea where she is.” Martina cried. She ran to where she put her bag and picked up her phone.

She scrolled through her phone with tears in her eyes, she saw Caterina’s phone number and dialed it immediately.

She paced and bit her fingers as the phone rang. It stopped ringing and Martina spoke up.

“Caterina where are you? I need Pablo to bring you home now.” She uttered looking at Alberto and Greta.

“Hello Martina.” She heard that one voice she never expected say in a very calm manner and the phone fell off her hand immediately.

Alberto rushed to the phone and picked it up, he placed it on his ear and waited for someone to pick up.

“I am with Caterina. How do you even cope with her? She is so noisy I had to knock her out. Listen and Listen good, if you want your sister alive, you’d come to me immediately.” Roberto ordered in a calm but firm tone.

“… and if you think of calling the police, I’d kill all of you, Including the police.” Roberto uttered and hung up.

Martina closed her eyes very tight as tears rolled down her eyes uncontrollably. Greta rushed to her and hugged her tightly as they both wept.

“Bastard.” Alberto muttered in fury.

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