Roberto was set to go, he was dressed in a blue Dolce & Gabbana Tuxedo with its fixed but not tight trousers.

It was the perfect match.

He wore a white inner shirt and a Glossy Derby shoe.

He checked himself out and what he loved the most was his Brunette hair.

He was loving the pompadour haircut. His short boxed beard was the perfect fit for his haircut. His lips curved slowly into an enigmatic smile before he stepped away from the mirror.

He walked out of the room with his hands buried in his pocket. Vincenzo was seated in the living room for him.

As soon as he got to the living room, Vincenzo stood up and gave a slight bow. He was ready to go.

“The helicopters are waiting,” Vincenzo uttered and I gave him a nod.

“Greta?” he asked coldly.

“She is in the car already.” Vincenzo retorted.

“And the others? Where are they?” he asked and Vincenzo creased his brows.

Roberto never mentioned anything about them to him.

“They are still locked up in the room, you never
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