Roberto landed in his villa many hours after he left Berlin. He was pretty tired, so he lay on the bed in his room to rest.

Vincenzo walked to Roberto’s door and stopped right in front of it. He placed his ear against the door to check if Roberto was busy or not.

He heard nothing from inside the door so he spoke up…

“Mr. Roberto, I am here to inform you that we have gotten the rest of the money. The boys just sent me a message.”

Robert had sent another set of skilled men to hijack the rest of the money that was with Lorenzo. He wasn’t going to collect seventy percent and just go after waiting for ten years. He wanted a hundred percent!

These men he sent had double-crossed Lorenzo’s men when they were rushing him to the hospital, they killed some of Lorenzo’s men but kept Greta out of it. She wasn’t touched.

That fought back and some of Roberto’s men were also injured.

Roberto opened his eyes and stared at the ceiling after hearing what Vincenzo had said. An evil grin appeared on
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