(The story of his mother)

“You are not my mother! I don’t want to hear any more filthy words from that mouth of yours! Give me my money, and I’ll be on my way! I have better things to do!” Roberto yelled at Adelina, his hands were shaking, and he tried forcing back the tears that threatened to roll out of his eyes. “Roberto, if you want your money, I have your money ready. I just want you to know the truth before you leave.” She walked back to her desk and opened her drawer. Roberto kept his gun pointed to her, Incase she wanted to act funny.

Adelina pulled out an album from the drawer and stretched it to Roberto. “After looking at this pictures, you will be able to decide if you still want to kill me or know the true story about your biological mother.” Roberto narrowed his gaze at her, and then at the album. He wasn’t sure what he wanted, but he sure didn’t want to let this opportunity go. He needed to know the whole truth. “Drop it on the table,” He waved his gun, pointing at the table. She bobbed and plac
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