(Operation save Martina)

Adelina kept her hands in the air, instructing her men to stay low. “We can’t let him take you away!” One of her closest men said, keeping his gun up. “He is my son! You shoot him, you die!” She yelled in response, and he slowly lowered his gun. Roberto pulled her by the hand out of the compound and when they got outside, he found out that his Mercedes Benz was nowhere to be found. It was this car that Bruno drove.

“Martina!” He called in fear and anger, but he got no response. “What did you do?!” He smacked, looking at Adelina. “I’m your mother, Roberto! I didn’t do anything to your Martina! And why did you leave her out here alone? You are in the Mafia, you can’t be careless.” “Oh please, shut up! She wasn’t here alone. My men were with her!” Roberto spat angrily. “Then they are not competent enough. It’s that simple,” Adelina responded. Roberto looked at her and clenched his jaw in rage. He looked at one of his men and called him closer by waving his head.

“Get her into the car.
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