Chapter 11

Hael – One Day Earlier

“What the fuck did you just say to me?” I drawled, not bothering to lower my voice since most of the wolves here were too piss drunk to locate their cocks let alone eavesdrop on our conversation.

Even if I had wanted to go unnoticed, it didn’t matter. Mykelle had a big mouth, and only a threat against her mate would shut her up. Too bad she knew I couldn’t follow through on them, even if I wanted to.

“Stop looking so fucking miserable, Hael. Do you want your father to kick your ass when you get home?” She hissed, her lips peeling back to reveal straight white teeth.

The liquor that rolled off her breath was pungent, bringing back urges I’d long suppressed. There was no time for a drink, not for me anyway. Now wasn’t the time for slip ups. These wasteful excuses for werewolves were intoxicated from the alcohol and nicotine, from the women that were ordered to faun over their every

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