Chapter 13


‘No, Lacey. Not a chance in hell. We’re trapped here, don’t you get that? You can’t have us storming out there and threatening the future alpha of this pack.’ I hissed, pacing the length of the insanely large pantry. In between my heated argument with Lacey, I wondered why anyone would need a room so large for a bunch of canned goods and miscellaneous snacks. ‘Goddess, I don’t get what his problem is with me?’

I bit back a girlish scream when the doors were yanked open, and light poured in.

Norma’s stern face morphed into one of exhaustion and sympathy.

“You didn’t take a hint of my advice, did you child?” She sighed, her shoulders sagging beneath the dirty apron she still wore.

Sinking my teeth into my lower lip I mumbled pitifully, “I tried. I really did. I don’t—I don’t know where I went wrong.” 

As sympathy shifted into worry

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