Chapter 14


Only after the flashy blood-red Mercedes peeled out of the driveway, muddying the twilight watercolors that were blotted across the sky, was I able to finish helping Norma clean up.

Six tries it took me, locking and unlocking the front door until I felt safe enough to stumble back to bed. I couldn’t remember how many times I lost count, seeing a pair of emotionless eyes peering at me through the dark rather than the number I was currently stuck on.

What was worse, when I collapsed into the sea of frilly blankets and luxurious pillows, I couldn’t remember if I had left the door unlocked or not.

I had my answer the next morning after slipping on my uniform and venturing downstairs. Rather than the knee-high socks set with two bold stripes above the kneecaps, I opted for a pair of dark pantyhose. I even made use of the haircare products stocked beneath the vanity in my bathroom, whose price tags were enough to make my head swim.


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