Chapter 16


Come Wednesday morning the entire town was talking about the return of the rest of the untouchables. As the direct decedents of the Original Pack members, they were essentially royalty to the rest of the world.

After a two weeklong vacation to some pack located along the west coast, they had finally returned.

It was during their grand entrance that I discovered something about the girl I shared a lunch table with these past two days.

They filed down the halls in pairs of two, with heads raised high and lips tilted in expressions that radiated superiority and confidence. Half weren’t even wearing their uniforms, and the ones that were wore them with buttons undone or with fashionably scuffed boots instead of the school-approved spit shined loafers.

I counted five in total—five impeccably dressed, ethereal looking young adults that sauntered down the halls like they owned the place. It was thanks to the chattering of the other students that I learned a few of their names.

The twi
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why do I feel like Heal is following her around?

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